How to Write a Novel


  • center point. Writing a novel must have a central point: what do you want to express, what themes do you have, and what viewpoints do you aim to promote? Once these core elements are identified, you can write a novel. figure. A novel has a lot of characters. Only if you know the characters very well can you make the characters in the novel come alive. This requires a certain archetype in your life. If not, you have to go somewhere. Experience life and represent these characters in fiction conflict. A novel without conflict, a novel without character contradictions, will definitely be unpopular. Your novel must be very full, and the contradictions between various characters must be intense, so that such a novel will be more exciting.
  • They are thick and thin. Some important chapters you need to write very detailed, some minor chapters you need to write very briefly, only such novels will make you feel important and have ups and downs. You can also view at ebay discount code NHS 
  • specialized. If the article involves a lot of professional things, you must learn about this knowledge, so that you can express this professionalism correctly and not make a joke. imitate. For beginners, you can imitate popular works. There must be a lot of things in this book that are worth learning. Only by imitating them first can you write your own characteristics.

Top 10 must-read novels 

Novels are a very common form of literature, which can be divided into novels, novellas, and short novels. With the development of the Internet, various novel websites have appeared. With so many novels out there, which ones are good? Below are the top ten must-read novels and the top 10 novels in the word-of-mouth rankings. There must be something you like.

  1. “Kendo Sovereign” Author: Jianyou Taixu

In a fierce confrontation, the collision of top geniuses, martial arts is no longer limited to the mortal world, and it can also overturn the river and the sea, and the heaven and the earth. Everything is in kendo alone! !

  1. Author of Confucianism and Taoism: Eternal Fire

This is a world where scholars master the power of heaven and earth. Talent is in the body, poetry can kill the enemy, words can destroy the army, and articles can make the world safe. Scholars pick up the pen and talk about soldiers on paper; they slay the enemy, and the export is complete; the jinshi is angry and speaks with words. When the sage arrives, he will swear by his words and pen, he can punish people, and he can judge the Son of Heaven to be incompetent, so that he can be an enemy of the country. At this time, the Holy Court held the title of writing, the monarch held the official position, the ten kingdoms were competing, the barbarians were watching, and the demons were in chaos. At this time, no Tang poetry flourished, no Song poetry flourished, no innovative articles, and no new saints for a hundred years. After being smashed in the head, an obscure child of the poor family, with handed down poetry and writing shocking articles, set foot on the road to the holiest. You can also visit at amazon discount code NHS.

  1. “Covering the Sky” by Chen Dong

In the depths of the cosmos where the cold and darkness coexist, nine huge dragon corpses are pulling an ancient bronze coffin, which will last forever. This is an extremely shocking picture captured by a space probe in the dead universe. Kowloon pulls the coffin, is it back to ancient times, or to the other side of the starry sky? A vast world of immortals, bizarre and mysterious. Blood boils like a volcano, passion is like a surging ocean, desire is endless like an abyss… Climbing the road to the sky, singing songs, and covering the sky with a snap of your fingers.

  1. “Sword Comes” author: Fenghuo opera princes

Worlds, full of wonders. I, Chen Ping’an, have only one sword, which can move mountains, overturn seas, subdue demons, suppress demons, decree gods, pick stars, break rivers, destroy cities, and open up the sky!

  1. “Douluo Continent” by Tang Jiasan Shao

A world of martial arts called Douluo Dalu. Tang San, a disciple of Tangmen’s outer sect, was not tolerated by Tangmen for stealing the secret skills of learning from the inner sect, but when he jumped off a cliff, he found that he had traveled to another world, that is, the Holy Spirit Village of Douluo Continent. There is no magic, no martial arts, no combat power, but there is a magical martial spirit. Everyone here will awaken their spirits with the help of spirit masters in the spirit hall when they are 6 years old. There are animals, plants, and implements in martial arts. Martial arts can assist people’s daily life, and those with special talents can use them to practice and fight. [7] Tang San cultivated his martial arts step by step, from human beings to gods, and finally eradicated the evil forces on Douluo Continent, avenged the revenge of killing his mother, and became the strongest man in Douluo Continent.

  1. The author of “Da Feng Da Geng Man” : Xiao Langjun, who sells newspapers

In this world, there is Confucianism, Taoism, Buddha, demons, and magicians. Xu Qi’an, who graduated from the police academy, woke up faintly and found himself in a prison. After three days, he was exiled to the borderlands… His original purpose was to protect himself, and by the way, he lived leisurely as a rich man in this society without human rights. … Many years later, Xu Qian looks back on the past, behind him are enemies and friends who have long passed away, as well as many bones. The billowing waters of the Yangtze River are fading in the east, and the waves wash away the heroes. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.

  1. “Treading the Stars” by the author: Floating with the Wind

The vast universe, endless races! Magnificent combat skills, ten finals turned out! The only surname in ancient times, the top 100 battle list! In my name, step on the starry sky! One day in 2200, when humans first landed on Neptune, they saw a sword and a standing corpse! !

  1. “Sign in at the beginning of the ancient Eucharist” Author: J God

[Don’t waste wood, don’t lick dogs, Tianjiao contends for hegemony and invincible flow] Jun Xiaoyao travels through the fantasy world and becomes the godson of a barren ancient family. Sign in at the Taiyue Ancient Monument, get a six-star reward, and the idols will control the prison! Sign in at the ten-year-old banquet and get a seven-star reward, the supreme bone! Sign in at the Bronze Immortal Hall and get an eight-star reward, the mother of all things! Sign in at Boundless Sea and get a 10-star reward. He transforms into Dafa! Countless years later, Jun Xiaoyao sat cross-legged in the sky, pointed his sword at the sky and said, “Nine heavens and ten earths, my master rises and falls, at the end of the immortal road, I am the pinnacle!” you can also check the offers at pretty little things discount code NHS

  1. “The Tribulation of All Races” by the eagle eats the chicken

I am the calamity of this world! ! !

  1. “The Rise of the Poor” by Zhu Lang

This is the story of a graduate student majoring in ancient Chinese who was repeatedly ravaged on the way to employment. He returned to the middle of the Ming Dynasty and entered the body of a young child in a mountain village.

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