How To Write a Reflection Paper? A Comprehensive Guide

A reflection paper is a common assignment for college and university students. Almost any subject a student is enrolled in requires writing this kind of paper. with the help of this Essay tize guide you can express your ideas and opinions about a certain subject or phenomenon. It also allows you to discuss the life experiences and events that have shaped your opinions and views about that particular subject or phenomenon. Hence, this writing is all about reflecting on something.

However, do you know how to write a reflection paper? Most probably not, because if you knew, you would not be here reading this article. Well, we must say that you have just landed the right article to learn writing this paper. In today’s article, we will learn the top strategies to write an effective reflection academic paper. However, before that, let’s define it.

What is a reflection paper?

Reflection writing or a paper is an academic document that allows you to share your opinions and thoughts on a given topic. Sharing thoughts merely is not the right way to write this paper. As the writer, you also need to back your opinions with personal experiences, observations, and life learnings. The best part of the reflection paper is that there is nothing wrong or right in this essay. You just share your thoughts regardless of what they are.

Step-by-step guide for writing a reflection paper

Reflection writing is not an easy task. In this writing, you not only present your views and thoughts but also back them with your observations and personal experiences. So, this writing requires extreme critical thinking skills alongside good summarizing skills. However, a brief description of the major steps involved in writing this paper is as follows:

1. Understand and summaries the text

Before doing anything, it is important that you read and understand the text on which you have to reflect. Reading exposes you to the overall context of the given text, which will come in handy at the later stages. To fully understand the context, you can also read similar texts on the internet. Once read, you can summarise the event or the text in a few lines.

2. Analyze the text

Once the reading and understanding phase is finished, it is time to analyze the text thoroughly. The analysis phase helps you understand the context of the given text better, which is necessary for writing a good reflection paper. Moreover, the analysis of the text also gives you an opportunity to gather your opinions and thoughts about the topic. When analyzing and understanding the context, you can also use a mind map.

3. Brainstorm your personal experiences

As described earlier, if you are going to write a good reflection paper, you need to relate your personal experiences with your thoughts and opinions. Hence, in this step, you should brainstorm about the relevant personal experiences of the given topic. For example, your topic to reflect on is cycling. Therefore, you can reflect on your cycling experiences. In addition to this, also develop a connection between opinions and experiences.

4. Write the introduction

After performing all the steps mentioned above, you are now ready to write the reflection paper itself. Start writing this paper with the introduction section. In this section, you should explain the target text and the purpose of writing this paper. Also, this section gives your reader an insight into your point of view or position on the given topic. If you do not know how to craft this section, do not take a risk and hire a coursework writing service.

5. Write the body of the paper

The body is the section where most of the information goes. It is the section where you open up about the given text and reflect on it. The body paragraphs clearly show your position on the topic and give space for solid arguments in support of your take on the topic. You can also share your personal experiences or observations as examples in this section. Direct quotes can also be part of body paragraphs.

6. End with a good conclusion

The conclusion puts an end to your reflection paper. It is the section where you conclude all your thoughts and opinions on the given text. In this part, you can discuss what you have learned by reading the given text or through your analysis. As the writer, you can also re-emphasize or restate the thesis statement of your paper.


Conclusively, a reflection paper is such an academic text which allows you to analyse a text and present your thoughts and points of view. In this guiding post, we have discussed the top 6 steps that may help you craft a good reflection academic paper. Hence, follow all the steps mentioned above and write your paper accordingly.

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