The 10 best finished novels to read

The 10 best finished novels to read

10 popular ending novels have been collected all at once. Are you afraid that there will be no books to read when there is a book shortage? Dear book friends, Yu is well aware of the pain of book shortages and the pain of chasing books. Tweet the top ten finished novels, and recommend 10 high-quality novels for the ashes.

  1. “Da Feng Dan Gangren” of the ten most finished novels

“Da Feng Dan Gangren” is a novel of crossing the fairy tale, author: Xiao Lang Jun, who sells newspapers, 3.8 million words, and has been completed.

Introduction: In this world, there is Confucianism, Taoism, Buddha, demons, and magicians. Xu Qi’an, who graduated from the police academy, woke up faintly and found himself in a prison. After three days, he was exiled to the borderlands… His original purpose was to protect himself, and by the way, he lived leisurely as a rich man in this society without human rights. Years later, Xu Qi’an looked back on the past, and behind him was the enemy who had long passed away, as well as many bones. The billowing waters of the Yangtze River are fading in the east, and the waves wash away the heroes. Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.

  1. ” Lord of Mysteries ” of the ten most finished novels

“The Lord of Mysteries” is a western fantasy novel , author: squid who loves diving, 4.47 million words, has been completed.

Introduction: In the wave of steam and machinery, who can touch the extraordinary. In the mist of history and darkness, who is whispering. I woke up from the mystery and opened my eyes to see the world: guns, cannons, giant ships, airships, different machines; potions, divination, curses, hanged man, sealed objects… The light still shines, and the mystery never goes away , which is a legend of “The Fool”. You can also view at amazon discount code NHS 

  1. ” The Tribulation of Ten Thousand Clans ” of the ten most finished novels

” The Tribulation of All Clans ” is an urban supernatural online novel, author: Eagle eats chickens, 8.34 million words, has been completed.

Introduction: There are countless splendid civilizations in the heavens and the world. Although the human race is a powerful family, it cannot dominate the heavens. Among them, the mutation, the departure of the emperor, the collapse of the human race, the rise of all races, the rise of nine tides and wars, the rise of the tenth tide, the rise of Su Yu, despairing of this era, turning into a madman, rising in the end, becoming the overlord of the heavens, saving Humans are in fire and water. Although they dislike human races on the outside, they still care about them in their hearts. The world calls them “Yuhuang”.

  1. ” My Senior Brother Is Too Steady ” among the top ten finished novels

” My Senior Brother Is Too Steady ” is a fairy tale novel, author: The True Story of Ji Gui, 3.65 million words, has been completed.

Introduction:Reborn in the ancient times before the Conferred God War, Li Changshou became a little qi cultivator. He had no qi luck, nor was he destined to be the child of a catastrophe. He only had a dream of immortality. In order to live in the cruel prehistoric wilderness, he tried hard not to stick to cause and effect, killing will be ashes, doing everything after planning, and never stepping into danger easily. Hiding cards, cultivating escape techniques, refining erysipelas, palming supernatural powers, unmoving and steady like an old dog, shaking a rock, and leaving quietly after moving. Originally, in Li Changshou’s plan, he would keep hiding in the mountains and cultivate to become an immortal without incident. Until one year, his teacher was very thoughtful, and gave him… a junior sister came back.

  1. ” Global Gaozu ” of the ten most finished novels

” Global High Wu ” is an urban novel, author: Eagle eats chickens, 8.35 million words, has been completed.

Introduction: The burrow invasion, the rise of martial arts. Small people also have big feelings, fighting for survival and protection. Let’s watch the story of Fang Ping, the little guy, rising step by step to save (flicker) the world! The protagonist Fang Ping was reborn on the earth, but found that the characters around him have not changed, but the reality is the earth of Gao Wu ‘s template. Martial Artists have privileges that ordinary people do not have, which makes the world envy and hollow out their thoughts to become Martial Artists. I don’t know, the real warriors are guarding the peace of ordinary people under the “shadow”! Let’s see how Fang Ping reaches the top with the help of Goldfinger. You can also check at ebay discount code NHS

  1. ” First Sequence ” of the top ten finished novels

“The First Sequence ” is an urban novel, author: Talking Elbow, 2.9 million words, finished.

Introduction: Above the wasteland, human civilization can survive. Barricades rose from the ground, but the order continued to collapse. Some people say that when disaster strikes, spiritual will is the first-order weapon for human beings to face danger. Some people say, don’t let the sorrow of the times become your sorrow. Some people say that I want to make my sorrow the sorrow of this era. This time it’s a new story. For the rest of the catastrophe, see the light at last.

  1. ” Being the richest man with a loss starts from the game ” of the ten best finished novels

” Losing Rich Starts with Games ” is a game-themed novel, author: Qingsang Zuozui, 5.32 million words, has been completed.

Introduction: The protagonist is a reborn who is bound to the wealth conversion system. After figuring out the wealth conversion laws of the system, he is all about how to achieve his highest return through investment losses. In the novel, the conversion setting of this wealth system is that if the protagonist invests successfully, he can only get one out of 100 returns. And the investment fails, but as much as you lose, you gain as much wealth. That’s why he was thinking about losing money. However, it backfired. Every time he planned a loss-making investment, he always succeeded magically. All these coincidences create the greatest point of view of the novel.

  1. ” Perfect World ” of the ten best finished novels

” Perfect World ” is an oriental fantasy novel , author: Chen Dong, 6.59 million, completed.

Introduction: A grain of dust can fill the sea, a piece of grass can cut off the sun, moon and stars, turning the world upside down at the click of a finger. Heroes rise together, thousands of races stand in rows, all saints fight for hegemony, and the sky and the earth are chaotic; ask the vast land, who controls the ups and downs? A young man walked out of the wilderness, and everything started from here.

  1. ” Super God Mechanic ” of the top ten finished novels

” Super God Mechanic ” is a game-type novel, author: Qi Peijia, 5.17 million words, completed.

Introduction: Han Xiao, the ashes level booster of “Xinghai”, was thrown into the crossing army by the mysterious force from the east, and brought the player panel into an NPC. Before returning to the “Xinghai” public beta, he resolutely chose the most difficult mechanical system. Battleships are lined up across the Xinghai Sea, the star mecha is like a dragon, the nether energy cannon destroys the sky and the earth, and there is an endless army of machinery, quietly staying in the portable warehouse, one person, that is, the legion! If it wasn’t for the player to appear, this book would be a serious and serious theme of traveling through another world… As an NPC, a normal NPC has all the functions for the player… Publishing a task? Favorability adjustment? Teach skills? Hey wait, how do I know this group of players, and the real world has returned to ten years ago. Buyers can also visit at sunshine discount code NHS

  1. ” Player’s Ferocious ” of the ten best finished novels

” Ferocious Players ” is a science fiction novel, author: Black Lantern Summer Fire, 3 million words, finished.

Introduction: This is a real game that transcends dimensions, this is the cruel competition of the heavens and the world, the spooky and terrifying urban legends, the absurd and ridiculous ancient stories, the magnificent epic myths, the bizarre and twisted fantasy of the other world, the winter is coming, When the tide rises. Life is like a mustard, from the sky to me, self-improvement, from me to the sky.

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