What Eligibility for the IELTS Test with Scoring?

What Eligibility for the IELTS Test with Scoring
What Eligibility for the IELTS Test with Scoring


Nearly everyone is eligible to take the IELTS. A passport is a primary requirement to take the exam. For those who are older than 16 years old, it is also advised. Here in this article, you should know what eligibility for the IELTS test with scoring.

How Long Does The IELTS Test Last, And What Is The Format?

The combined testing time for listening, reading, and writing is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The listening portion lasts about 30 minutes. According to the overseas education consultants, you will be given four recordings of native English speakers, and after listening to each recording, you will be required to write down your responses to a series of questions.

You have 60 minutes to complete the reading component, during which you must read three texts and respond to 40 questions about them. The inquiries assess the reader’s capacity for:

  • Identify Information In The Passages
  • Identify The Writer’s Views And Opinions
  • Match Features
  • Match Information
  • Match Sentence Endings
  • Complete Sentences
  • Complete Tables
  • Complete Flowcharts
  • Answer Short Questions
  • Complete Notes
  • Match Headings
  • Complete Summaries
  • Label Diagrams
  • Multiple-Choice Questions

There are two writing assignments in this part, and you have 60 minutes to finish both. You will be given a chart, diagram, table, or graph for the first activity, and you will be required to explain, describe, or summaries it. You will be given a piece that contains an issue, point of view, or argument for the second task and you will be required to write a response to this passage.

The IELTS speaking test is broken down into three sections and lasts about 15 minutes. In the first section, questions about well-known subjects and you will be asked. These subjects may include your hobbies, goals, kinship, house, job, or studies.

You’ll have to speak on a subject from a card that will be given to you in the second section. You will be given a minute to mull it over and two minutes to discuss it before being quizzed on the subject. This is also the third speaking segment, when you can express more abstract concepts and your opinions on the subject.


The final score for the IELTS is the average of the four sections’ scores, which are each given a band score of 9. Your final grade will range from 0 to 9 and will include half bands (.5). Consequently, the best score you can obtain is 9, while the lowest score is 0. Since there is no deduction for erroneous responses, it is recommended that you respond to every question.

In the listening and reading portion, one point is given for each accurate response. The next step is to convert each section’s overall score to bands. Band ratings are also used to evaluate the writing and speaking components.

Your final score will be rounded up to the higher half-band if your total score is 7.25 bands; in this example, it will be 7.5. Your ultimate grade will be eight bands if you receive a 7.75. For this, you need to join IELTS coaching and you can prefer IELTS Coaching in Lucknow as this city has the best IELTS coaching like Meridian Overseas.

Refer to the following table to better understand how many questions you must correctly answer to get each band:

IELTS Listening Test

Band score Raw score out of 40

  • 5 -16
  • 6 -23
  • 7 -30
  • 8 -35

IELTS Reading Test

Band score Raw score out of 40

  • 5 -15
  • 6 -23
  • 7 -30
  • 8 -35

IELTS is a test that you cannot fail, thus the score you need will depend on what the university and your country demand. The minimal IELTS score that each university will accept can be found on their website. Each university will have its own IELTS requirement. For postgraduate studies, most nations need a minimum score of 6.5, while 6.0 is the standard for undergraduate courses. Canada, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand are among these nations. The minimum IELTS score accepted in the UK is 5.5.

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