Tips Unlikely to Plan Golden Triangle India Tour Package

Tips Unlikely to Plan Golden Triangle India Tour Package
Tips Unlikely to Plan Golden Triangle India Tour Package

Golden Triangle Tours

Find the most accurate information on the golden triangle India tour package if you’re looking for a Golden Triangle India travel blog. You are aware of the cities that make up India’s Golden Triangle of travel. Additionally, you learn about the activities that take place in the golden triangle. Learn about the budget golden triangle tour planning. You may learn more about the locations that could be covered by this tour. Learn the finest advice about when and how to book this tour.

What is the Golden Triangle Tour?

As implied by the name “Golden Triangle Tours,” this is a tour that visits the top tourist destinations that are arranged in a triangle, as is the case with the Golden Triangle Tour India, which combines the itinerary for Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Where to start the Golden Triangle Tour?

Any one of these three cities is a good place to begin our tour. Since both Delhi and Jaipur have international airports and numerous flights from various airlines land in these cities, one may choose to begin their journey from either Delhi or Jaipur. Starting in Delhi, travel to Agra, then on to Jaipur. Delhi serves as the capstone of your journey. If you leave from Jaipur, travel to Agra before arriving in Delhi.

The road, which has a great express lane, is the most practical mode of transportation in this area. Start from Agra if you’re travelling from another city, such as Varanasi, and want to see the Golden Triangle. The same is true of trips from Gwalior or Khajuraho.

Golden Triangle Tour Duration

Golden Triangle excursions can last anywhere from two to seven nights. You can also get there in two nights and three days if you have limited time. You can choose 5 nights/6 days if you want to make it simple. Six nights and seven days might be allocated to even more leisurely travels. The Golden Triangle tour for three days is the most well-liked.

Extensions: Golden Triangle Tour Packages may be created with the additions of a Golden Triangle Tour with Varanasi, a Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur, a Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore, a Golden Triangle Tour with Goa, and a Golden Triangle Tour with Mumbai.

What is better?

Train or Car Tour of the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle tour by automobile is more popular because you do not need to reserve a car in each location for arrival, departure, and sightseeing. However, you can choose to travel between Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur by train if you want to escape the bother of a road trip.

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Express trains like the Shatabdi Express and Gatiman Express are readily available between these locations. Therefore, a trip to the Golden Triangle can be taken by both train and road. It is possible to fly from Delhi to Jaipur or vice versa, which connects the two cities by air, but as of right now, Agra does not have any additional frequent flights, making it challenging to tour the city by air.

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Budget Golden Triangle Trip Cost

You will undoubtedly start thinking about holidays after a protracted time of lockdown and feeling anxious while at home. You’ll feel at peace at the start of 2021 once the COVID Pandemic has subsided. If you are considering a trip to India after the vaccination period, the Golden Triangle tour is unquestionably a good option. Now, you may travel to Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur for less money.

  • Distances- Delhi to Agra-200 Kilometers
  • Agra to Jaipur-240 Kilometers
  • Jaipur to Delhi- 275 Kilometers

Cultural Activities in Golden Triangle Tour

Each of these cities offers a variety of distinctive cultural events that can be taken advantage of before or after the tourist itinerary. The Old Delhi Rickshaw Ride, a walking tour, and a visit to Swami Narayan Temple are the most well-liked activities on a Delhi sightseeing tour. Similar to this, you can take part in the Mohabbat-the Taj play at Kalakriti Auditorium as well as a Heritage Walk and a walking tour of Kinari Bazar.

Visit the National Chambal Sanctuary, an elephant rehabilitation facility, or a bear rescue center if you have a passion for wildlife. As soon as you get to Jaipur, you can partake in activities like a cycle tour, a cooking lesson, a Taj Mahal ticketing experience, a meal at Choki Dhani Restaurant, or a meeting with an astrologer to get your horoscope.

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