Easy tips for you to choose the right antivirus software

Easy tips for you to choose the right antivirus software

Cybercriminals now have much sophisticated strategies to hack into both your personal computer and handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact they can target any device or machine cutting across operating systems. In this dangerous circumstance choosing a protection suite that is designed for your operating system and customised for your computing needs is crucial. As a matter of fact every antivirus suite that exists is not the right choice for your precise needs. In other words all antivirus applications are created equal. In order to select your ideal protection suite you have no other option but to take a number of factors into account.

In this blog post let us explore those factors so that you can choose the antivirus that best suits your needs easily on your own. A security suite that prompts you to take 16 complicated steps to fix a problem is never ideal for practical reasons. You should therefore know what features to look for in your antivirus application. Top professionals dealing in software in London suggest the following tips to help you select the precise protection suite that you need.

Antivirus software should protect you from severe threats

The choice for an ideal antivirus software applications starts with the level of protection it offers. By and large an antivirus application should provide protection from viruses. Additionally it should protect from other types of dangers as well. At the bare minimum level it must be capable to guard you from common threats related to both your online safety and privacy. There are different types of cyber threats that you have to encounter.

The common cyber threats include the following –

  • Malware and
  • Scams

Malware are unwanted software applications that infest a computer system either to steal data or files stored in it or to cause disruption. Common examples include – spyware, adware, viruses and ransomware.

Scams – on the other hand – are deceptive measures that trick you into disclosing sensitive information or allowing a malicious user access your computer. Cyber scams are conducted through e-Mails, online messages, bad apps, spam websites and texts. Common examples of scam include phishing, spam e-Mails and pharming.

These threats usually overlap each other to help a cybercriminal accomplish his or her goals. Some scams deliver malware. Some malware remains hidden in the most unsuspecting places on the web. It may also remain connected to devices. A malware in itself can be a scam just as a ransomware is.

A reliable antivirus is the one that shields you from the offenders discussed above.

Importance of real-time prevention and rapid removal of infection

You should choose an antivirus that diligently and incessantly looks out for cyber security threats as well as prevents those from causing any harm to you. A category of software applications related to cyber security only treats issues after those have taken place. Your antivirus should have a proactive approach in keeping you safe and protected from cyber security threats. Only a proactive measure from your antivirus enables you use your devices without any worry.

Ideal threat prevention features in your cyber security suite

Reactive scanning of files – this feature scans every new file for potential danger before you open it. It runs a comparison between the file in question and the entire antivirus database of known risks. This activity ensures the file is safe.

Complete scanning of the system – this feature practically reviews every nook and corner of your device to track any compromised data. Thus you can be rest assured that nothing is creeping around undetected.

Protection in web browsing – this feature filters webpages as well as URL links assessing their risk factor. Internet security forms the founding stone of your online protection.  Every reliable antivirus suite has threat removal feature. It is your responsibility to make sure the feature quarantines every file that is potentially malicious. Thus you can review the files later without compromising with your system’s safety. Make sure to choose an antivirus that provides both prevention and removal. Usually the suites that are said to be anti malware offer only removal and have no preventive measure.

Efficiency and correct functioning of cyber security suites matter

In order to protect you from cyber threats your antivirus suite must be efficient enough to detect genuine threats in a reliable manner. It should under no circumstance delete your clean files. Moreover it should also operate smoothly without slowing your system down.

Now let us explore on reliable threat detection. Whenever an antivirus scans a system it must be able to correctly identify files that are malicious and those that are not. Antivirus vendors compile “known threat databases” to easily sort out harmful files or data. These are the backbone of any antivirus suite and obviously the database has to be updated diligently at routine intervals. As a matter of fact threats related to cyber security are evolving every day. You just cannot rely upon antivirus software alone to detect every piece of adware, malware or spyware. But yes, definitely some tools always fare better than the rest.

Detection rate grades the performance of an antivirus. It keeps track how often a protection suite correctly categorises clean files as well as potential threats. A software application with a good detection rate should be high on the following –

  • True positives – when the programme can determine harmful files are malware
  • True negatives – when the programme can determine harmless files are safe to open

An ideal antivirus software suite will not give you –

  • False positives – when programme identifies harmless files as malware
  • False negatives – when the programme determines harmful files are safe to open

If the threat threshold of the application in question is excessively aggressive, the files that are completely safe may get removed from your system. On the other hand instances of false negatives occur when threat database has not logged a new or obscure threat.

Along with the topics discussed above it is also important that you buy software online from Softwareland a reliable vendor in the UK. Do not go on saving a few bucks and rely on spurious or pirated software. Investing in genuine software applications is important to keep all types of cyber threats at bay.

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