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SALL Token is the first token working behind intelligence, space, defense, medical, financial technology, and other industries. 

Users throughout the world can utilize SALL as an investment gateway with the purpose to work with the highest technology ever known, working on processes behind every industry, and measuring the best outcomes for humans and machines. It has a comparatively cheap transaction fee compared to the rest of the industry. 

As a result, the SALL tokenomics have been tinkered with to secure the long-term survival of the project and its scalability across all areas of the crypto market. The System Of All SALL tokenomics has been tweaked in such a manner that the project’s long-term viability and scalability across various segments of the crypto market are both ensured.

Why System Of All SALL token is special?

System Of All SALL token consists of a list of exciting features. let’s discuss some of them.

Protection Against Automated Takeover:

In order to prevent the liquidity pool’s money from being drained, anti-bot protection has been included. These bots are known as front-running or sniper bots in the crypto-trading world. To get their hands on fresh coins, these bots use decentralized exchanges like Pancake Swap to swoop in and steal their liquidity. Bots that monitor the blockchain for new dex tokens are constantly scanning each block of transactions to identify new tokens that have just been issued.

Mechanism to Prevent Whaling:

Our token has an anti-whale feature built-in to prevent it from being manipulated by whales. There is a system in place that prevents huge investors from becoming “whales” and therefore attempting to manipulate the token market by holding more than a certain amount of tokens in their wallets. Anti-dump functionality has also been included in order to avoid the token from experiencing large sell-offs. We’re doing all we can to make investing in our cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, no matter their size.

For all further information, please visit our website There you will find the contact us form, and email contact at the bottom of the website.

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