Confluence Pricing vs Bitrix24 Pricing: Ultimate PM Showdown

Confluence Pricing vs Bitrix24 Pricing: Ultimate PM Showdown

You have every reason to be unsure about which project management tool is better, Bitrix24 or Confluence. For task tracking, documentation, collaboration, and communication, both platforms are feature-rich platforms. They can be utilized as an addition to the current framework and provide various integration options. In this post, Bitrix24 Pricing and Confluence Pricing are compared, and both are thoroughly examined. The user will find it simpler to make the best decision with more knowledge of the relative strengths and drawbacks of each software.

Confluence Pricing


The initial Confluence Pricing option is the free one, which includes a 10-member user cap. You can still make as many spaces and pages as you need to organize all the information, though. A unique Macros feature allows you to connect live updates, reports, or statuses, creating an interactive aspect.


20,000 people can be managed with the regular pricing plan, which costs about $5.75 per user. It has many of the same characteristics as the first option, but it also has some extra benefits. You can bulk archive pages, for instance, to hide information that is not needed when it is not needed to be seen.


For people who prefer more significant influence over both teams and projects, the third choice is appropriate. The premium package, which costs $11, has several tools to address workspace needs. You will have access to automation, team calendars, and external collaboration, for instance. With admin insights, Sandbox, admin key, release tracks, and copy space permissions, the admin controls are improved.


The final option is called Enterprise. Its pricing option has not been disclosed as it is customizable. Interested buyers can contact the vendor for further information.

Confluence Key Features


Confluence also makes collaboration easier and comes with templates to get users started. To save time and boost productivity, users can automate the monotonous chores they once had to perform. According to a business’s particular procedures, these templates can also be modified. Users have the option of saving their unique forms for subsequent usage.

Document Management

Document management, which is crucial for complicated and protracted projects, is also covered in the pricing comparison between Asana and Confluence. When there are many moving pieces involved, confluence pulls up the slack. The fact that all the documents are kept in one location makes it simpler for team members to locate the necessary attachments. Users may easily collaborate and share documents because of the central database. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box are just a few of the well-known cloud storage services that it can interact with.

Project Planning

Gantt charts, which may be used to construct a visual timeline of deadlines, milestones, and other significant events, are also included in the Confluence software. Additionally, it makes it simpler to keep track of job dependencies and ensures that all required deliverables are finished on time. Users can receive all updates on their phones by syncing their personal calendars with Google Calendar or iCal. Monitoring the process is more straightforward when everything is scheduled.

Bitrix24 Pricing


The first option offered by the software is free for all users. It offers a limited amount of features because of no cost. It supports unlimited users. And also offers 5GB of storage.


The second option is called Basic. It costs $49 per month after the discount. This option comes with 24GB storage. Supports up to five users. It also offers collaboration tools and helps with tasks and projects.


The Standard option costs $99 per month and supports up to 50 users. This is after a twenty percent discount. The storage offered in this option is 100GB, and it offers way more features than the previous options. It supports marketing and online documentation as well.


The final pricing tier is called Professional. It retails at $199 per month and supports 100 users. The storage space is way more than all the previous options, which is 1024 GB. It further offers Sales Intelligence, Automation, and HR facilities. This makes it the best and most worthy out of all the other pricing options.

Bitrix24 Key Features

Task Management

Task creation and assignment on Bitrix24 are incredibly straightforward, and the program sends reminders to every team member. The timely alerts and notifications ensure that business tasks are always delivered on time. To make the jobs easier to manage, they can also be divided into smaller subtasks. The platform is designed for collaboration, and it considers dependencies to assist users in completing their action items in the proper sequence.

Multiple Views

To view their to-do list, users can select from various views. They can set the dashboard to show a comprehensive list of their daily, weekly, or quarterly tasks. Each item is arranged by the priority list, and users can add new columns to make it simpler to drag and drop activities. They can also reorder the tasks following the due dates, starting with the most urgent. The calendar view can neatly box up all the open tasks for the forthcoming time period.

Time Tracking

According to evaluations of Bitrix24, the program makes it simpler to keep track of the time spent on various jobs. And makes it easier to get information on billable hours. Users can use the extensive reports it produces to improve their work processes and determine which employee activities are time wasters. By allocating the proper amount of individuals to a crucial activity, they can set a daily efficiency record. Teams can keep daily timesheets for each department up to date using sophisticated task management tools.

Final Thoughts 

The solution to the question of which software—Bitrix24 vs. Confluence—is better is both for all readers trying to decide. Both solutions offer a dynamic environment for collaboration and are accessible to users from anywhere. The software integrations that both systems support help make up for any shortcomings the software may have. Users won’t need to switch between separate pieces of software anymore because everything will be in one location. Read more: Blogs

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