A Better Choice: Timesheets.com vs Easy Projects Software

A Better Choice Timesheets.com vs Easy Projects Software

It is essential to have streamlined project management processes for overall business success. Thanks to the latest software advancements, it has become relatively easier to do so nowadays. However, it is not an easy decision to choose from among so many software options. In the following article, we compare two of the top project management software available in the market: Timesheets.com vs Easy Projects software.

Let us first discuss the two software individually.


Launched in 2004, Timesheets.com is a popular project management software, particularly for time tracking, among small businesses. It is preferred for its simplification of employee time tracking. The web-based utility allows for a modern method of keeping up to date with current projects and completing them as per schedule.

Software Overview

Organizations have used traditional timesheets for a long time. Timeheets.com is just a modern version of those but brings better features. The software makes employee timesheets more secure, accessible, customizable, and easy to manage, along with providing features such as scheduling tasks, reporting and exporting, mileage and expense tracking, and human resources records.

Time tracking: In an easy-to-use manner, the software allows employees, contractors, and other workers to track time for the purposes of payroll, job costing, billing, grant allocations, and more.

Paid time off: Employers will be able to track employees’ time off with flexibility. They can set up accrual types according to each user and even set rollover values.

Reports generation: Unlike traditional timesheets, Timesheets.com software is not just a hub of data. Instead, you can make the data useful by generating valuable reports.

Timesheets.com Demo

If you want to discover what Timesheets.com offers and how it works, you can schedule a Timesheets demo. To book a free demo, you can go to Software Finder. A Timesheets demo will help you understand the software’s benefits for your company as well as obtain further insights into its various utilities. Potential users can also benefit from a free version of the software and then upgrade for accessing the paid features.

Timesheets Reviews

As mentioned earlier in this article, software is a popular choice for small businesses. Given its supportive and effective features, mid-size organizations also find it handy. On average, users of Timesheets.com have rated it between 4 and 5 stars based on ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support. Users report that the software has an easy-to-use interface, which allows more people to understand its various functions. On the other hand, complaints mostly include a few software glitches during entering data, requesting time off, etc.

Timesheets Pricing

The software comes with three pricing plans, which include freelancer, standard, and non-profit. Additionally, users do not have to pay any set-up, base, and cancellation fees. Moreover, there is no hassle of a long-term contract.

Easy Projects Software

Easy Projects is a full-scale project management system. It makes collaborative tasks easier and faster for mid and enterprise-level organizations. When companies have a large number of employees across different departments, then projects are most likely to have inter-departmental dependencies. This is where Easy Projects software is more reliable and resourceful.

Software Overview

Offering a powerful project management system, the software’s top features include resource scheduling, project planning, and cost management. Moreover, users will obtain more visibility into their resources, finances, and ongoing projects.

Schedule resources: This feature allows to schedule tasks and manage the workload company can enjoy maximum resource utilization.

Plan projects: With this provision, you can plan for upcoming projects on the move as well as use resource forecasting to determine if you have the right number of resources to finish the project.

Manage costs: Budgeting is significant for all organizations. Therefore, Easy Projects helps to track costs and profits in real-time so your budget targets are not overrun.

Easy Projects Demo

To get a basic understanding of how Easy Projects software works and if it can benefit your particular business organization, you can book a free demo through Software Finder.

Easy Projects Reviews

Rated between 4 and 5 for ease of use, value for money, functionality, and customer support, Easy Projects is used by a significant number of businesses around the world. While there are many pros to the software, there are a few cons too. However, let us discuss the pros first.

Users have indicated that the software is easy to manage when it comes to assigning and managing tasks, even when they come with multiple dependencies. Tracking projects and integrating the efforts of different resources has also been noted as efficient.

On the other hand, users report that navigation is difficult to manage in the beginning as multiple filters cause confusion. Others have also noticed that managing too many tasks becomes a bit complicated.

Easy Projects Pricing

The Easy Projects software comes with different pricing plans. These include essentials, business, platform, and enterprise packages. The essentials package is the lowest in pricing while you can get a quote for the enterprise package.

Timesheets.com vs Easy Projects Software: The Final Takeaway

Now that we have individually studied the features of each software, it is evident that Timsheets.com is a limited software as compared to Easy Projects, which happens to offer broader utilities. However, the takeaway from the comparison also shows that the former caters to smaller organizations efficiently. These organizations might not need the full-scale provisions offered by the latter. Therefore, the conclusion is that if you have a small or mid-level business organization, you can benefit from the limited features of Timesheets.com software. On the other hand, with a larger organization having increasingly inter-departmental collaborations, you will do better with Easy Projects software.

If you want detailed insights into the features and prices of both software, it is highly recommended to check out the information available through Software Finder. Also remember, you can always schedule a free demo of the software through the same platform, which will be assistive in understanding the workings and benefits before you decide to make a purchase.

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