Willie Falcon Net Worth

Willie Falcon is an actor and entrepreneur who has been on the Hollywood scene since the mid-1970s. As a co-founder of several companies, he has worked in various capacities on both the business and the artistic sides of the film industry. During his career, he has been known for his involvement in drugs and trafficking. He has also suffered a personal tragedy, as his wife died in an automobile accident.

Drug trafficking career

Willie Falcon has a long and successful drug trafficking career. He was born in Cuba. He has a wife, Jessica. He has three children. He lives in Fort Lauderdale. He is currently fighting a deportation order to Cuba.

In the 1990s, he and Sal Magluta were among the most active cocaine smugglers in the country. They were known for their extensive cocaine operation on the East Coast. They acquired over $2.1 billion in assets. They were also accused of importing 75 tons of cocaine into the United States.

In 1991, he was indicted for 17 counts of drug trafficking. He was found guilty. He received a 20-year sentence. His brother was found guilty of the same crime and was sent to a maximum security federal prison in Atlanta.

In addition to being a cocaine trafficker, Willie Falcon was involved in marijuana trafficking. He also took part in speed boat racing. He landed in the spotlight while building an empire.

Co-founder of several companies

Willie Falcon is an American entrepreneur. He has founded several companies including construction, management, and pharmaceutical industries. He also owns a real estate business. He is estimated to have a net worth of USD 45-55 million.

Falcon is a Cuban-American who was born in 1955. His father had a small business in his native country. He lived with his mother, who took care of him. He had a strong bond with his mother. They have three children together.

In the early 1980s, he became a powerboat racing star. During this time, he started to deal cocaine with his friend Sal Magluta. Their partnership led to the largest cocaine operation on the East Coast.

Willie Falcon was arrested in 1991 along with Sal Magluta. The two were accused of 75 tons of cocaine. Their case was investigated by the United States Attorney’s Office.

In 1996, they were acquitted of the charges. In 2003, they accepted a plea deal. They were sentenced to 14 years and 5 months in prison.

Death of his wife in an automobile accident

Willie Falcon Net Worth is an American entrepreneur and speedboat racer. He also co-founded an administration industry. He has been married to Alina Rossique. He has three children.

Willie Falcon was born in Cuba on September 1, 1955. His brother Gustavo was also named Willie. In the 1980s, he became naturalized. He was living with his family 200 miles from Miami. He had a powerful bond with his mother.

In 1991, Willie Falcon was arrested for cocaine trafficking. He was convicted along with Sal Magluta. They were accused of smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States. Their smuggling operation earned them a sum of $2.1 billion.

Willie Falcon is a media celebrity. He was featured in a miniseries called “Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami”. He was released on bail in 2017. His wife Alina Rossique was killed in an automobile accident.

Willie Falcon and Alina Rossique have been married since 1973. They are both very passionate about each other. Their love for each other continues to this day.

Criminal history

Willy Falcon, real name Augusto “Willie” Falcon, is a member of Miami’s notorious cocaine trafficking gang, the Cocaine Cowboys. During the 1980s, the group made $2 billion in cocaine, smuggling more than 75 tons into the U.S. They were convicted of drug and money laundering charges. They were eventually released from prison in 2017.

Willy Falcon was born in Cuba and was raised in Miami. In high school, he became involved in drugs. He joined the drug organization, working as a driver and keeper of transaction ledgers. He also organized tractor-trailer loads of cocaine from California to be shipped to Florida.

Falcon was arrested in Los Angeles in December 1986. He was 24 years old when he was captured. He was living under the alias Luis Reiss. He moved to Florida and lived under the same alias.

He and his partner, Sal Magluta, were put on trial in February 1996. They were convicted on dozens of charges. They were also accused of committing murder, money laundering, and corruption.

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