Smart Upgrades That Will Make Your Car Sporty

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Some cars look faster and more sporty car than other cars. Cars can often be referred to as emotions to us- do you ever hear someone saying, “look at that fast car”, looking at a normal static vehicle? How is this attained? How can they guess it was fast?

First, we can look at principles that affect every car. Packaging (see the basics of car design) of the occupants and components is the most important factor in shaping a car. This affects the size and proportions. Certain packages are associated with speed and fast cars. A mid-engined package, where the engine is behind the driver, is strongly associated with sports and race cars. All Formula One car use this configuration, for example. Also, cars that can only accommodate 2 people have usually considered sports cars.

Nearly all cars have some speedy design in their look. This is because they are moving objects- and the design is usually intended to be directional. This is often functional as well as purely for styling. The most obvious feature of this is the “wedge” and the “taper”.

Wedge means the front of the car is lower than the back- in the side profile. There are often many horizontal lines and surfaces- also intended to suggest a forward direction for the vehicle. Most cars also taper towards the rear in plain view. This is for aerodynamic reasons and is much less obvious than the wedge shape.

Car Exhaust:

If you look at any sports car, you will see different and unique kinds of exhausts. You should use stainless steel exhaust systems UK to make it look sporty car and enhance its sound louder like a sports car. 

Engine Start Stop Ring:

The engine start/stop button ring is a small yet beautiful accessory. These are available in different colours and materials. This is installed right on the button and adds a great look to the interior. It makes the button more prominent.

Suspension Upgrades:

Upgraded suspension systems improve your car’s driving experience and comfort level. They replace the stock struts and shocks, having adjustable height, and rebound damping settings. This helps you to improve your driving according to the requirement.

Licence Plates:

When you are modifying the car, you should keep an eye on all aspects of the car. You can customise your vehicle licence plate in colour, size, font style and frame. You can have a glass-made plate, a 4d text plate, or a plate with LED or neon light effects on it. 

Lower Bumper Lip:

If you want your BMW to have a sporty car look, you should work on its bumper and the bumper lower lip. It will reduce the airflow. You should get a carbon fibre bumper lip or one that you can paint to match the colour of your car or to make the contrast. You should drill the lip to keep it firm. Otherwise, it will come off the moment it touches any object.

Try the Headlights:

When someone looks at your car, the headlights are one of the most prominent parts of it. There are a variety of aftermarket BMW headlights available in the market that you should try. These lights will not only give your car a classic look but may also have a better output. If you are using series 3 or series 5, you can also have projector light designs.

Sports Seat:

Seat upgrades come on top of car modifications. Whether you are a racer or not, sports seats always add a look to your interior. Choosing the right sports seat for your body and car will be more welcoming and comfortable and look cooler than your car’s stock seat. You should ensure your seatbelts and airbags are not disturbed; otherwise, these seats can be taken off as illegal. Some sports seats are also not legal to use by locals in street drives because these are specially designed to be used within a race.


You can paint your car the way you want. There is no issue with it unless you do something wrong with it. You need to remember that if a professional does this paint job, it will cost you expensive and take some extra time. You should also check the pollution ordinance to ensure no one asks you for paint and chemical fumes. 

Window Tint:

Mostly tinted windows are not allowed, but if you have a medical certificate, that demands so. But if there is some chance you can get the tinted windows in your estate, you should do this on the windscreen or on all four windows. The tint is checked with the amount of light that can pass through it. They do not ban it completely; they just specify the amount of tint for safety and security issues.

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