Practice EHR Vs AthenaOne Software


AthenaOne software is a great solution for small to medium-sized medical practices. The company has invested in customer success and is willing to support practices to increase revenue. Its software is easy to use and can provide a wealth of benefits for small practices. However, it can be costly, so it is best to consult with your IT department to decide whether athenaOne is the right solution for your practice.

Practice EHR

Both Practice EHR and athenaOne software offer a comprehensive array of medical and office management capabilities, including patient portals and revenue cycle management. Both PracticeEHR and athenaone also feature advanced reporting and medical coding capabilities. Additionally, Practice EHR provides a variety of features and options, including comprehensive patient outreach tools, comprehensive patient information, and a cloud-based environment.

Practice EHR’s cloud-based solution eliminates the possibility of losing patient information. It also allows doctors to access patient health records from anywhere, making care coordination easier. It also allows for faster access to lab results and automatically uploads them to patient charts. A user-friendly interface and comprehensive tutorials make navigation easy, and the athenaCommunicator feature enables patients to make appointments when it suits them. Other features include messaging campaigns to sustain patient relationships and increase care efforts. In addition, Practice EHR’s software supports online payment options and mobile apps.

Practice EHR is an excellent choice for busy medical practices. Its robust functionality streamlines daily tasks for medical providers. In addition, users appreciate the ease of use of the interface and the responsiveness of its customer support. However, users have noted some shortcomings, such as unsatisfactory claims functionality. In addition, some users found the system difficult to customize and noticed inaccuracies in the data.

Automate Several Processes

Both companies offer cloud-based and web-based EHR solutions. It recently raised $20 million from ORIX Growth Capital. The other company, eClinicalWorks, has been around for over two decades and focuses on cloud-based platforms. Its most recent product is an EHR for acute care hospitals. It is based in Westborough, MA and has operations in many states.

EHR software allows users to automate several processes, including patient billing. This reduces human error in billing. It also alerts users about unpaid bills and sends reminders. The software also allows users to customize the software to fit their unique needs.

Practice EHR has a variety of solutions that address different medical specialties. Its software is affordable and has positive user reviews. It is also cloud-based and offers a user-friendly interface. However, it does require a subscription fee.


AthenaOne Practice EHR software offers a wide range of features that are crucial for physicians. It includes a patient portal, which can be used by patients to schedule an appointment or change information. The software also allows users to manage their inbox, sign orders, and respond to patient cases. Users can even videoconference with up to four other caregivers. AthenaOne also has several interoperability tools that help providers transmit patient data and add incoming data to their medical charts.

AthenaOne has a user-friendly interface and extensive customer support services to make the software easy to use. It also includes features such as secure coordination between health care sites. The software also includes customizable patient summaries. Patients can also access their own records. Additionally, employees in the medical practice can view the details of each patient.

AthenaOne’s EHR software also includes a mobile app that allows doctors to easily access real-time data on the go. This app helps physicians ensure that patients are billed properly and that physician orders are correctly documented. The mobile app syncs with the EHR system in real time, and it includes an athenaCollector financial reporting tool for practice management. It also comes with a patient portal, athenaCommunicator, which is used to communicate with patients.


If your practice is looking for practice EHR software, you may want to consider AthenaCollector. This program combines practice management software, billing, and patient engagement services into a single package. It is designed to streamline claims submission, allowing you to focus on the care of your patients. The software eliminates the time-consuming paperwork associated with sending claims, while also reducing the amount of time it takes to handle denials and verify eligibility.

AthenaCollector’s powerful dashboard provides access to detailed reports that give physicians a clear picture of the practice’s workflow. The software also helps physicians manage revenue cycle tasks from one centralized location, so they can focus on the patient. Moreover, the system’s appointment scheduling feature eliminates double-scheduling and connects physicians with patients, allowing them to book appointments online. It also provides automated reminders to help prevent no-shows.

Another feature of athenaCollector is its interoperability tools, which allow it to send data to the CDC’s Immunization Information System database. This feature helps a practice meet the Medicare and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability Program’s meaningful-use requirements. Interoperability also helps patients transition to a new doctor. Patients can access their records through the patient portal and update their contact information. Then, clinical staff can approve or reject the updated information. Additionally, patients can fill out intake forms ahead of time.

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