Investing in Microcap Biotech Stocks

Investing in microcap biotech stocks is a good way to profit from the industry’s growth. However, it’s not always easy to determine which companies to invest in.

Actinium Pharmaceuticals

NYSE AMERICAN: ATNM is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing Antibody Radiation-Conjugates (ARCs). ARCs combine the targeting ability of antibodies with the cell killing power of radiation. Actinium’s two lead franchises have tremendous applications across numerous cancer indications.

The company is also developing two other promising franchises. One of these is a bone marrow transplant market drug that is also a CAR-T (chimeric antigen receptor T) drug. The other is a technology that aims to attack immune cells that cause rejection and toxicity.

The company’s technology platform, AWE Technology, is designed to attack different immune cells and increase treatment success. The company’s technology has proven clinical experience in 600 patients.

The company’s early-stage technology platform is a significant asset and could fuel another share price rally. Actinium is working with industry partners to validate the potential of its products to bring life-saving hope to patients.

Actinium’s ARCs can target multiple immune cells and be guided to specific targets. This allows the drugs to clear the body of cells that cause toxicity and rejection. The company’s technology is also designed to condition cells prior to cellular therapy and bone marrow transplants.

The company also has a deep pipeline of therapeutics that are in various stages of development. The company’s cash and cash equivalents are sufficient to fund its operations through mid-2025. The company is also looking for accretive partnerships.

The company’s focus is on filling the gaps left by traditional cancer therapies. Actinium has made significant progress on all material fronts this year. This year’s results should be a catalyst for accelerating its clinical ambitions. Actinium’s focus on underserved markets gives it a strong position to execute its business plan.

The company has a strong global presence with commercial activities in Europe, the Middle East and the UAE. Its primary focus is to bring treatments to market for rare diseases.


Investing in biotechnology stocks is one of the most exciting investment opportunities available to investors today. The industry is rapidly changing due to scientific advances that are creating new ways to treat disease. The best biotech companies have strong drug candidate pipelines and winning drugs on the market.

Qualigen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops innovative therapeutics for cancer. It’s product line includes FastPack rapid diagnostic testing system, STARS blood cleansing system, and QN-302, a DNA/RNA-based treatment device. It is developing RAS-F, a small-molecule RAS oncogene protein-protein inhibitor.

During the second quarter of 2021, Qualigen reported revenue of $1.1 million and a loss of (15.7 million) before overhead, payroll, taxes, and interest. The company reported that it completed a material definitive agreement to purchase a majority stake in NanoSynex Ltd. It has also received licenses and sponsored research agreements from the University of Louisville.

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Qualigen has a strong drug candidate pipeline, including QN-247, a DNA-coated gold nanoparticle cancer drug candidate. This drug candidate could be approved for acute myeloid leukemia, pediatric neuroblastoma, and pancreatic cancer. The company has plans to seek Orphan Drug status for this product. The company is also developing a RAS-F small-molecule RAS oncogene therapy for multiple myeloma.

Qualigen is planning to present a corporate overview at the BIO International Convention in June. Michael Poirier, CEO of Qualigen Therapeutics, will also present at the 23rd Annual Global Investment Conference in September.

The company is also planning to apply for Orphan Drug status for QN-247. It has also submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application for the drug. The company’s management is refocusing its focus on oncology, and has also announced plans to prioritize its pipeline.

Oncothyreon Inc.

Founded in 1985, Oncothyreon is a biotechnology company located in the British Virgin Islands. It has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement to develop a pan-inhibitor of Bcl-2 family of anti-apoptotic proteins. Its lead product candidate, ONT-380, is a highly selective small HER2 inhibitor designed for combination therapy.

During the company’s most recent financial conference, the company announced a number of notable achievements. The most significant is the announcement of a partnership with Array BioPharma Inc., a leading drug development company with a track record in developing novel anticancer drugs. The two companies have agreed to jointly conduct a phase 3 trial of ONT-380, and to share proceeds from sublicenses.

Oncothyreon also announced an interim CEO, Christopher Henney, and an expansion of its Board of Directors, bringing in Gwen Fyfe, M.D., an expert in oncology and immunotherapy to help lead Oncothyreon’s oncology efforts. The company also announced a co-promotion deal with Mark Lampert, founder of E*TRADE Financial Corporation, a leading diversified financial services firm.

The company also announced a slew of other milestones, including the announcement of an IPO in December, which will give the company access to the capital it needs to move into the next phase of development. In addition, the company has filed reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US and Canada. It has also changed its name to Cascadian Therapeutics, Inc., and plans to transform from a therapeutic vaccine company to a cancer treatment company.

Other noteworthy milestones include the company’s first patent and the acquisition of a small cap company in the British Virgin Islands. The company also announced a new executive director, Gwen Fyfe, M.D., and an interim CEO, Christopher Henney, M.D.

Twist Bioscience

Among the small-cap biotech stocks, Twist Bioscience (TWST -0.35%) has shown some early promise. Twist is developing a disruptive DNA synthesis platform that overcomes inefficiencies. Its technology allows the company to produce genes at a lower cost. The company uses this technology to produce products for a variety of applications, including antibody libraries for drug discovery, tools for sample preparation and rapid high-throughput synthesis.

Twist Bioscience reported revenue of $56.1 million in the third quarter. This is 60% more than the company earned a year earlier. Twist expects its first commercial solution to represent a major growth driver. It estimates that core products will grow at least 20% a year.

Twist’s DNA synthesis platform is designed to be used for various applications, including high-tech materials production, large data set storage, genetically modified agriculture, and diagnosis in healthcare. The company’s products include a high-throughput silicon platform for producing genes cheaply. The company believes its DNA storage products could eventually be worth $2 billion a year. Twist plans to ship its product from its new “factory of the future” in January 2023.

Twist plans to use a 110,000 square foot facility outside Portland, Ore., to build a fast gene market. The company expects to generate $203 million in revenue this year. This compares to its prior guidance of $191 million to $199 million.

Twist’s management recently promoted its Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Operating Officer to President and Chief Executive Officer, respectively. The company also plans to invest more in its growth. Its cash position stood at $528 million at the end of the quarter.

The company’s stock has gained 40% over the past week. Twist stock is trading at a 16x its fiscal 2022 revenue guidance. The company’s revenue projections are higher than the estimate from the second quarter.

Wasatch Micro Cap Value

Among the many options in the mutual fund category, the Wasatch Micro Cap Fund stands out for its high-quality research, plethora of investment managers and no-load fees. This particular fund has an alpha of more than 2% and is managed by an enviable roster of pros: Ken Korngiebel, Richard Sprague, and Tom Williams. The fund has an estimated 20+ million in assets under management, with a track record of generating positive returns. The fund is a worthy recipient of the Best Small Cap Fund designation, given its high-quality research, low-cost fees, and long-standing reputation. The fund is well-positioned to take advantage of continued market growth.

The fund has an impressive number of holdings, with the latest SEC filings showing 85 investments. The fund’s latest and greatest marquees include ADP, Amazon, Apple, Exxon, Google, Netflix, GM, and Toyota, among others. While it may be tempting to scoot off into the sunset, the fund is worth staying put for the long term. Its savvy investors will be rewarded with a competitive and resonant performance in the coming years. The fund is also a good bet for your hard-earned cash. The best way to go is to contact the fund’s representatives directly to discuss your options. The fund’s website is a good starting point, as is the fund’s dedicated phone number. To help you make the most informed decision possible, we have compiled the fund’s most comprehensive list of holdings and fees, along with a brief executive summary. The Fund is not for the faint of heart, but the savvy investor will find that the best is a pleasant one. To learn more about the fund’s performance track record, speak with a member of the Fund’s sales team today.

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