How to choose a computer chair, office chair, ergonomic chair?

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There are many types of computer chairs on the market now, but there are very few real ergonomic computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs and ergonomics are difficult to distinguish if you don’t know much about ergonomics, and there are certain difficulties in choosing them. There are many details that you need to pay attention to when choosing. The following details can help you easily distinguish.

Principles for purchasing computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs

  1. Seven buying skills necessary for computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs

    First of all, based on the above seven necessary purchasing skills for computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs, choose computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs. The selected computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs will not be too bad. It is more important to consider a variety of factors

  2. Trial experience

    As we all know, when we buy things, we like to take a look at the real thing and even experience it. In fact, the same is true for buying computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs. If there is a physical store for the same computer chair, office chair, and ergonomic chair, it is better to go to the physical store to experience it and get a feel for it. If you buy online, it’s best to ask if you can try it for a few days, whether it’s comfortable or not, only the first-hand experience is the most authentic. You can also visit at currys discount code NHS

  3. Scene collocation

    Now is the era of looking at faces, whether it is for people or objects, good-looking things can arouse our joy. The same is true of buying a computer chair. Although it looks good, we still need to use it in a scene. In the office or at home, we should choose computer chairs, office chairs, and ergonomic chairs according to the layout of the room, so that they look good and comfortable, giving people a pleasant atmosphere.

Mesh chair PK leather chair, which one to choose?

Mesh Chair PK Leather Chair  

I am a hard working office worker who sits in front of the computer for 12 hours out of 24. Because I have been sitting at the desk for a long time, I have been accidentally attacked by an “occupational disease”. Survival, so we can only start with “seats” and buy a professional computer chair to relieve symptoms! Of course, I also remind office workers here that it is still an old saying: “Life lies in exercise”, and you should exercise more when you have time. This is the most fundamental solution!

I have bought mesh chairs and leather chairs online. The following is a comparison of my chair sitting down.

Both of these two are online brands. His chairs have been exported for 15 years. The quality has been certified internationally, and the comfort and safety are all leveraged!

The first chair is a mesh chair. The customer service said that many people bought it, the price is relatively high, and it is a classic model. You can also save at ebay discount code NHS

The mesh chair is a classic and best-selling computer chair, suitable for all occasions and all seasons of the year.


  1. The headrest can be adjusted up and down, left and right, so that the head is more docile, I don’t feel tired when I sit up and work continuously for 8 hours
  2. The lumbar support can also be adjusted up and down, where it is uncomfortable to support it to reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine, and the lumbar support can also be disassembled for easy cleaning;
  3. The back of the chair can be reclined 130°, I no longer have to lie down on the desk to sleep, I am very satisfied with this
  4. The chair can also be heightened to meet the most comfortable distance to the desk, and it is easy to move. The wheels are flexible, and it does not hurt the floor and makes no noise.
  5. The air pressure rod is very important for the good chair that the customer service said. The air pressure rod of this chair is certified by SGS and will never be dangerous.

I have used this chair for three years without any problems, and it is still in use, very durable!

The second chair is a leather chair, also known as the boss chair. It is very tall and has an extraordinary sitting feeling!

The biggest advantage of this leather chair is that it is specially equipped with a footrest, and the back of the chair can be reclined, so that you can have a sweet dream on it at noon!


  1. The leather is more luxurious, the sponge is super thick, sitting on it is like lying on the sofa!
  2. Hand sewing skills, exquisite workmanship, beautiful and durable
  3. The armrest can be stretched with the back of the chair, giving the arm the most comfortable support. You can also check the offers at amazon discount code NHS
  4. The length of the foot rest is just in line with the height of Asians, which can basically meet the needs of different groups of people.
  5. The chassis, air pressure rod, star feet, rollers, etc. are all first-class quality, and they have not been broken for 5 years. Save with Dunelm Discount Code


Not suitable for summer use, it should be set according to the occasion

In short, I am very satisfied with the two chairs I bought. My shoulder pain and low back pain have also been relieved a lot. It is recommended that friends who have the same troubles as me can buy them and try!

How to choose a fishing chair How to choose a fishing chair

Fishing is a healthy recreational outdoor activity that not only allows us to get close to nature and breathe fresh air, but also cultivates elegant fun. In addition to fishing rods, fishing chairs are also a necessity. A comfortable fishing chair will make your fishing mood better. Next, I will introduce to you how to buy a fishing chair


Look at the weight of the fishing chair
The weight of the fishing chair must not be too light, because if it is too light, it will be very unstable after the umbrella is inserted, and even the fishing chair will turn over. Generally, the weight of the fishing chair is 4-6KG. Too heavy to carry, too light and unstable.

Look at the cushion of the fishing chair

Fishing chair cushions should be durable and breathable. It is generally oxford cloth, because it feels soft, hygroscopic, elastic, wearable, cost-effective and comfortable.

Look at the functions of fishing chairs

Choose a fishing chair with the features you want based on your personal needs. The functions of the fishing chair do not need to be many, and several important functions must be present. For example, how many forts are needed, whether there are umbrella racks, fish guards, bait boxes, lamp racks, tea cup racks, liftable feet, etc.

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