How Much Does Snow Removal Cost In New York

Snow Removal cost

Owners of private homes are responsible for clearing driveways, entrance areas, yards and parking lots. Many snow removal services charge a flat rate per visit. However, this snow removal cost differs depending on the region and provider. In an average small town, you should expect to pay between $30 to $50 per visit.

In addition, in many cases there is an on-call service fee of around $350 to $450 per season. This means you can be sure that the clearing service will always be spontaneously available between December to March.

Commercial Snow Removal Service

Small companies can usually rely on the caretaker for their clearing work, but on a large site, one person alone is overwhelmed.

Expect a price of between $50 to $100 per visit, and de-icing can cost an extra $100 per cubic yard. For particularly large areas, there are usually discounts that have to be negotiated with the respective service provider.

The stand-by fee tends to be slightly higher for businessmen than for private individuals, since the removal service has to keep more time free. 

If you plan to hire a snow plow truck, the cost can hit $100 per day, $300 per week and $650 per month.

Additional Snow Removal Service

It doesn’t matter whether you are a private owner or a businessman, also consider the additional costs that winter service charges you. For clearing work on Sundays and public holidays, the prices usually increase by around 50%.

Night work is also more expensive, because the night surcharges are in the range of 30 to 40% and removal services usually work early in the morning.

The customer must also pay for the grit. The snow removal service estimates an approximate price of $60 to $95 per inch for the first 6 inches of snowfall. Bulk buyer may be able to negotiate a discount.

Ask your snow removal service provider whether insurance is included in the price. If an accident happens despite the removal, then you are covered in this way. There may be an additional charge for insurance.

Factors That Determine Per Inch Price

Per inch price for snow removal service is not only based on the respective region, but often also depends on how accessible the area is. Can the snow clearing service use machines or is manual work required?

Clearing by hand is naturally much more time-consuming and therefore more expensive. Machines clear large areas much faster, saving time and money. Manual work therefore drives up the price for winter service.

The snow removal service in Long Island or Suffolk county is particularly expensive. Paying the snow removal company per inch of snowfall costs $60 to $95 for the first 6 inches of snow. You will need to add $30 for each additional 6 inches of snow. 

Snow Removal Service in the Countryside

In rural areas it makes sense to have the snow removal service done by the farmer. With a small tractor and spreader, this operation costs around $75 per hour, plus grit and stand-by fee. In an hour, the farmer can clear and spread a medium-sized parking lot with his heavy equipment, but smaller ancillary areas still have to be worked on by hand.

Save Snow Removal Service Costs

Carefully compare the prices of the different snow removal service providers. Also make inquiries about the reliability and working methods of the winter services. It’s important to filter out the best deal – not the cheapest! – to avoid expensive accidents!

Perhaps you can do some work yourself or entrust it to your caretaker. For example, have a large parking area including the driveway cleared of snow by a machine by the snow removal service and regulate the clearing of the narrow footpath internally.

Package deals for the entire winter should be treated with caution. You may be able to save a lot of money this way in a snowy winter or you pay a high price for a snow removal service that hardly has to do anything for it.

Hiring a professional snow removal contractor to take care of the winter service is associated with great risks. Insurance and legal reasons clearly speak against it. You risk an increased liability risk. Better secure yourself adequately instead of saving at the proverbial wrong end!

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