How do cloud top Gloves Fit


How to fit the cloud top gloves, let me take a look below


  • computer
  • League of Legends


  1. Attributes: +20% critical strike probability, +20% dodge probability


  1. This hero is also considered a yordle.
  2. Composition Path: Fist + Shovel.

Infinity Gauntlet

  1. Composition Path: Boxing Gloves + Useless Big Stick
  2. Equipment effect: Skills can cause critical strikes.
  3. Equipment introduction: The dragon king who dreams of becoming Draven.

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The drawing method of color simple strokes

Let’s draw a pair of mittens this time, let’s draw together if you are interested


  1. Use a pencil to draw the outline of the glove on the left, remembering to use a light stroke when drawing the outline.
  2. Based on the position of the left glove, draw the outline of the right glove. The ratio is just right.
  3. Draw decorative bows on the back of the gloves.
  4. Use a red pencil to outline the outline of the glove and bow, and outline the wrist with yellow.
  5. Use a red pencil to paint a layer of light color on the main body (back) of the glove; then according to the outline of the glove, focus on the area that needs to be accentuated.
  6. Use a yellow pencil to fill in the wrists of both gloves with wavy lines. make this part look fuzzy


Finally, trim the overall lines and the places to be filled. The simple strokes of the mittens are complete

How to say gloves in English

Many people like to wear gloves in winter. Let me share with you how to say gloves in English, hoping to help friends in need.

  1. Gloves have.glove.and “mitten” in English, and “glove” refers to gloves with fingers.
  2. leather gloves For example, “He stuck 
  3. mitten means mittens sheepskin mittens his gloves in his pocket.
  4. For example, “There is a hole in the thumb of his mitten.” “There is a hole in the thumb of his glove

How to make beautiful and handy mittens

Winter is coming, and many girls have to buy gloves. For gloves, do you like the one with the fingers separated, or the one with the fingers attached? Personally, I prefer mitten gloves, they feel cute. But there is a shortcoming, it is not easy to write. Let’s share how to make a cute, handy glove for writing work.

  1. Cloth ends, scissors, needle and thread, pen, bow (or button), rubber band

The Mitten Practice

I believe that everyone has old sweaters that are not used at home. If you have time, you can actually reuse these old sweaters by yourself. Today, I made gloves from old sweaters, and I will share with you how to do it.

  1. Draw the outline of the hand on the paper.
  2. Then cut it out, put it on the old sweater, draw the shape of the glove on the old sweater
  3. Fix it with a thread first, and try to see if it fits.
  4. Modify it on the fabric if it doesn’t fit. Amazon Discount Code NHS 

cut it out.

  • Leave the frayed side on the outside (the first seam to remove).
  • Then sew it up with woolen yarn (sew with woolen yarn because the woolen yarn is relatively thick, if the thread is opened, it will not hurt your hands
  • Just flip it over (so the unworn side is on the outside, which is prettier).
  • You can also fold the wrist part of the glove inside.

How to DIY Mittens

Ethnic, felt, and mittens, isn’t it a great idea to combine these together? There will be different emotions for the things you make with your own hands. A pair of gloves can not only warm the cold in winter, but also light up your life. A few ethnic retro cloth strips collected on weekdays, some felt cloth left over from handmade works, and a little patience are almost all you need. When making handicrafts, ingenious thinking and careful production will bring you infinite fun. When you look at the finished products that you have made stitch by stitch, you will definitely have a great sense of accomplishment.

  • Wool blend felt cloth (1/3 yard or 4 sheets 9*12 size) 
  • Cotton cover (equal to felt cloth)
  • Decorative cloth strips (approximately 12 inches)
  • Velvet thread with trim strips
  1. Cut out four glove shapes of the same size from the felt cloth and cotton cover cloth according to the mitten template, and cut out a strip of the same width as the glove from the national wind and decorative strips, fix it with a needle according to the figure, and then place the wind on felt cloth. If you use velvet thread to sew on the outside, it will be difficult to see the traces of sewing.
  2. The same steps are repeated on the second piece of felt cloth, but it should be noted that the pattern of the cloth strips should be reversed, so as to have the effect of a pair of gloves. A cloth strip on one side of the glove is fine, but it can also be sewn on all sides.
  3. Pin each piece of felt to a piece of cotton, and sew the two pieces together along the edges with ordinary fine thread, and a small hem at the bottom with black thread. Turn the two sewn glove cloths together, secure them with a needle, and sew the edges with a sewing machine. The width of the seam should be a little away from the edge, about 1/4 inch squat flush. eBay Discount Code NHS
  4. Trim the edges neatly and remove any fringe after sewing. Fold the glove over. If the size is a bit too big, you can turn it over and sew it in again, but you must leave enough space for the glove opening, otherwise the glove will not fit in.
  5. OK, you’re done, let’s share with my sisters how to make it  90s Fashion
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