Here’s How You Can Make Your Car’s Tyres Last Longer.


Tyre replacements are indeed costly car maintenance. However, you cannot avoid it completely. Have you ever noticed that you can make your tyres last longer? Though it is not possible to have tyres immune forever, you can eventually delay the wear and tear, which probably helps in saving some money as well as staying away from flat tyres.

Usually, a car tyre travels comfortably up to 75,000 km (considering the fact that there would not be too many flat tyre incidents).

It might be necessary to see a mechanic if your car is vibrating excessively, taking longer to brake, or doesn’t handle turns or wet roads the way you’re used to. Maybe you need some sort of remediation, or maybe it’s time for new tyres.

However, there are methods available to give your car’s tyres a longer life. Since you would like to drive your vehicle with the best possible tyres, old tyres pose a lot of threats on the road.

Inflate The Tyres Properly


Tyre pressure is a top priority because it affects a tyre’s overall health. As traction increases with the surface of the road, a tyre with low pressure typically experiences higher wear and tear. Tyres that are under-inflated use more gas and make driving hazardous. As a result, you must always maintain the ideal tyre pressure.

On the other hand, an overinflated tyre is risky too, as it poses the threat of a tyre blast while driving.

It’s just feeding you the right kind of diet for better and sustainable health. You can refer to the user manual for the correct level of tyre pressure. Besides, make sure to get your vehicle’s tyres checked at a professional service centre such as Service My Car.

Keep Your Vehicle’s Heels In Proper Alignment

Since wheels receive all the necessary power through the transmission to push the wheels and make a vehicle mobile, there are certain technicalities so that vehicle can run forward seamlessly. In simple language, each wheel should be in certain alignment with the other or each wheel in a set (either front or rear) should run in parallel.

If there is any deviation, the wheel can harm the corresponding tyre when it does not run straight. However, the tyre starts to wear out on a particular side and is clearly visible to the naked eye.

The most common sign of bad wheel alignment is vehicle drags to one side, specifically when you leave the steering.

To keep wheels intact, it does not require too much than visiting a service centre such as Service My Car instantly.

Avoid Driving On Bad Roads With A Rough Surface And Potholes

Car tyres are better suited to roads with a smooth or even surface than those with a rough or uneven surface. Even bad roads take a toll on the tyres. You can easily tell the difference when your vehicle runs on proper roads as opposed to rough surfaces.

By carefully driving and parking your car, you can extend the life of your tyres. Avoid rocky areas because even a small pothole can severely harm your tyres.

Never Forget The Rotation Of Tyres

Tyres do rotate while your vehicle runs on the road. But, the real meaning of tyre rotation is about changing the both front tyres to the rear and vice versa.

As a vehicle carries the engine at the front, obviously the front tyres have more loads, and they generally wear out more rapidly as compared to the rear ones.

If you didn’t rotate your tyres, the front ones would probably wear out before the rear ones did. If this happens, you are at risk of an accident, especially in wet weather.

The tyre manufacturers usually recommend tyre rotation every 10,000 kilometres. However, this is not a limit if you opt for tyre rotation as early as 5,000 km. Then, there would not be any problem either even your tyres would be in great condition for a longer time.

Service My Car assists you in your car’s tyre rotation. However, you should visit to the one of the nearest workshop. Are you left wondering ‘where’s the best toyota service centre near me in manchester? ‘Service My Car is the best solution for you. With Service My Car, you get to benefit from our extensive network as your car is likely to be taken to the best toyota service center.

Be Easy With Your Car And Its Tyres

Simple things frequently have significant effects. Your driving habits, though, have a significant positive impact on the tyres in addition to the rest of the car. Simply put, when you apply hard brakes, the car typically slides, and if this happens too frequently, the tyre’s surface may become unevenly patched.

When treads start to wear down over the tyre surface, this becomes visible. As obvious as this may sound, the way you drive has a significant impact on how quickly and how long your tyres will last.

However, there is no problem spending money to buy a new set of tyres. But if you can make them live longer, it is healthier for your budget too.

Beside, tyres in good condition usually help in maintaining good mileage and have better traction than worn tyres. For more advice, you can contact an adviser through the Service My Car app. Here, you can also book a car service or order a car repair quote.

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