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Even though it is essential, communication among dental surgeon is nevertheless highly controlled and subject to stringent regulations. Even while many “news items” remind us how broad the topic is and how much beyond the single responsibility of the profession it goes, advertising as such is still prohibited. This is because the question goes far beyond the primary responsibility of the work dental surgeon.

The tricky issue of advertising when one’s profession is that of a dentist requires one to make their presence known

As with other medical specialties, dental surgeons must abide by the regulations set forth, on the one hand, by the public health code and, on the other, by their code of ethics. In terms of communication, this meant that the profession was barred from practicing its art “like a commerce” and that oral health professionals were also not allowed to engage in any form of advertising. However, by order number 2020–1658, which was issued on December 22nd, 2020, this stringent prohibition on any method, direct or indirect, of promotional communication was relaxed. In addition to being the subject of recommendations from the National Order of Dental Surgeons, this change to the Public Health Code was also discussed.

These innovations extend the possibilities that are available to dental surgeons in terms of information and communication, while also calling attention to the fact that the ethical code must be respected. Communication directed at the general public can now be offered by specialists in the healthcare industry as long as it is developed for either educational or health-related goals. If the official texts remind dental surgeons to take the utmost care and vigilance about the wording of the comments made, they also remind dental practices that they should in no way take advantage of this type of communication. This is because dental surgeons are responsible for the health and safety of their patients. To put it another way, the dental surgeon is able to impart his knowledge, competence, and experience to the patient without ever making an effort to “catch” the patient. These modifications have been implemented mainly for the Internet and other forms of digital media; nonetheless, they apply to all forms of media, including paper (directories, newspapers, etc.).

The marketing of a dentistry center in Evreux is causing a stir in the surrounding community

Despite the fact that these principles controlling the communication of dental surgeons or dental facilities are understood and applied by the entirety of the profession, they are nonetheless often challenged due to the fact that they are obligatory on everyone, including those who are not professionals. Health. This information was divulged in a recent address given by the Mayor of Evreux, which was posted on his Facebook page. On the occasion of the first year anniversary of the opening of a dental center, he highlighted the fact that the facility “promotes oral health accessible to all at the fairest price.” As a result, residents of Ebro can take advantage of a wide variety of treatments without having to travel to multiple locations dental surgeon.

Furthermore, at this only dental center, many dental specialties are available. The liberal dental surgeons in the town of Evreux and the neighboring areas were outraged by this message, which was erased a few hours later. These later individuals are under the impression that the image is an advertisement for a dental clinic and are emphasising that they, too, work to ensure that all of their patients receive the “fairest pricing.” This file has been taken under the jurisdiction of the regional council of the order.

Beyond this letter from the mayor of Évreux, the “advertising” of dental surgeons is at the center of the issue; this is the case regardless of whether it is begun by the professionals themselves or by others (the mayor in this specific case). During an interview with reporters from the Dépêche d’Évreux, Dr. Bachelet Nicolas expressed his irritation by saying, “This post appears more like an advertisement than an assumed analysis… Should we conclude that the mayor of Évreux believes that the dentists in the city do not charge “fair” fees and do not see all of the city’s patients? If that is the case…then that seems like a big issue to me, Dentist in lahore.

What about you—do you have any thoughts regarding this kind of publication? Have you ever been put in a predicament similar to this one? Do you think that there should be some new regulations put in place regarding how communication and advertising are handled?

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