Benefits Of Halq And Taqsir Budget Umrah Packages

Budget Umrah Packages
The important rites of Umrah include Halq and Taqsir. These rites are necessary for the completion of Umrah. Your Budget Umrah Packages pilgrimage to mecca remains incomplete if you do not perform Halq and Taqsir. For the performance of Umrah, you must know about the rules of haircuts for both of these rituals. It is because this is necessary information about the rituals of Hajj and Umrah. Performing one of the rites among Halq and Taqsir is an obligation in Hajj and Umrah. It depends upon the type of pilgrimage that you are going to perform. One rite is for Hajj and the other is for Umrah. You can avail of Budget Umrah packages from Sauditours to perform these rites. Pilgrims who are going to perform Umrah or Hajj must know the right time of performing these rites. They should also be aware of the methods to perform them.

What Is The Meaning Of Halq?

Men have to completely shave their heads after the completion of Umrah. This act of shaving their head completely after the completion of Umrah is known as the Halq. The shaving of the head applies to men because women can not completely shave their heads. This rite is performed to exit the state of Ihram after performing Tawaf. Men shave their heads and then they exit the state of Ihram after the Tawaf. Moreover, Sauditours are offering budget Umrah packages for you.

What Is The Meaning Of Taqsir?

Women have to trim their hair after the completion of Umrah. This minor trimming of hair for women is known as Taqsir. It is a recommendation for the women performing Umrah. After the completion of Umrah, women have to trim their hair. This trimming is equal to her fingertip of her.

Importance of Umrah Haircut:

It is the procedure that Umrah pilgrims have to perform Halq or Taqsir to exit the state of Ihram. If they do not perform the rites of Halq or Taqsir then they are unable to exit the state of Ihram. So, it means that it is necessary to perform Halq or Taqsir for the exit of the state of Ihram. For men, it is to shave their complete heads to remove Ihram. But for women, it is the trimming of hair equal to the fingertip. The importance of Halq or Taqsir is mentioned in many Hadith. Many Islamic scholars also give narration about Halq and Taqsir. Furthermore, we can look at the importance of Halq and Taqsir in the way that the hair on our heads is just like worldly attachments. When we have to surrender ourselves to Allah Almighty then we cut our hair. It means that we detach ourselves from worldly attachments when we perform Halq and Taqsir. After cutting the hair, we move towards the path of simplicity and vanity as well. There is a cheap umrah package UK as well.

Dream of Holy Prophet PBUH:

Holy Prophet PBUH saw a dream. He saw in his dream that He is entering Mecca and performing the Tawaf of the Holy Kaaba. He told this dream to his companions. At the time when He was telling a dream to his companions, He was present in Madinah. In the dream, there were the companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Half of the people were their hair shortened and half of the people have to shave their heads completely. The dream of our beloved Holy Prophet came true when he performed Hajj-Tul-Wida. At Hujja-Tul-Wida He completely shaved his head. Holy Prophet PBUH performed the ritual of Halq by first shaving the head from the right and then from the left. He performed Halq three times to tell the importance of Halq to the Muslims. Furthermore, the person who was performing Taqsir saw the supplication performed by the Holy Prophet PBUH one time. Holy Prophet PBUH evoke mercy on those who were performing Halq.

Method Of Performing Halq and Taqsir:

Halq and Taqsir are important for the completion of Hajj and Umrah of men and women. Men have to perform Halq and women have to perform Taqsir. The methods of performing Halq and Taqsir are different. Halq includes the complete shaving of the head while Taqsir includes the trimming of hair less than or equal to a fingertip of women. Moreover, for the performance of Halq, you have to completely shave your head. It is the only valid method of performing Halq. If you shave your head incompletely then this method of performing Halq is not invalid. Even if a man has no hair on his head then he also has to run a razor on his head to complete the process of performing Halq. Although, it is because, without this process, your Umrah is incomplete. Get a chance to complete these rituals of Umrah by getting the budget Umrah packages from Sauditours.

Rules for performing Halq:

As we know that every ritual of Hajj and Umrah has certain rules and regulations. You have to follow these rules and regulations to make your Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage a valid one. Moreover, if one does not follow these rules then his or her Umrah journey remains invalid and incomplete. Let us put glance at these rules and regulations fixed by Allah Almighty to perform Halq and Taqsir.
  • Women are not permitted to perform Halq. In Halq, there is complete shaving of the head. So, complete shaving of the head is prohibited for women. Women have only to perform Taqsir. Taqsir is the minor trimming of hair.
  • Partial shaving is not allowed in the performance of Halq. It is a strict order for men to shave their heads completely. If there is partial shaving then the Halq is completely invalid.
  • If there is a person, who has no hair on his head, then he also has to perform the rite of Halq. It is advised for them to run a razor on this head. After this rite, their Hajj or Umrah reaches its completion.
  • You have to start the Halq from the right side. And one more important thing is that the direction of your face must be towards the Qibla.
  • A pilgrim must not need a barber for trimming and shaving the hair. You can easily perform this task by yourself.

Rules for performing Taqsir:

Just like the rules of performing Halq, there are also certain rules for performing Taqsir. These rules are here below. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of these rules and regulations of Taqsir fixed by Allah Almighty.
  • Women have to take relief from the state of Ihram by trimming their hair. This process is Taqsir.
  • A woman has to cut their hair to a minimum length to complete the task of performing Taqsir.
  • Even if a woman has hair that is very short in length, she has to cut a minimum part of her hair to exit the state of Ihram. In this way, her Umrah pilgrimage will reach its completion.
You can fulfill your dreams as well as you can get a chance to complete the rituals of Halq and Taqsir with our budget Umrah packages.


In short, Halq and Taqsir are two important rites of Hajj and Umrah. Without these rites, your Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are incomplete. After reading this article, I hope that you have gotten the complete information about Halq and Taqsir as well. Lastly, come and avail of our Cheap Umrah packages 2022 and perform the rituals of Umrah.
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