Spring gives us a sense of rebirth and anticipation after a long winter

The transformation of the landscape from those wintery neutrals of brown, grey, and white to the vivid hues of spring inspires us in an unstoppable way! The right time to paint is right now if the change in season has you wanting to add more color to your house.

Spring is the best time to paint because it’s not only the season when you’re naturally ready to switch things around so this advised by Painting services in Newcastle. If you want to paint your home’s exterior, spring is the best time to do it because the weather is usually nice and it’s much simpler to schedule a professional painter.

If you wait until summer, however, they will likely be fully booked. More information is available in our article on the benefits of painting in the spring.


The options are virtually limitless when it comes to selecting paint colors for your home’s interior! Consider drawing inspiration from the environment around you if you’re unclear of where to start. Nature puts on quite a show in the springtime! From the various colors of green in your garden to the gorgeous little flowers that are sprouting up all over town, you may find color inspiration everywhere you look. It’s much simpler to start focusing on the specific shade you’re after once you have a notion of the colors that appeal to you.


Given that most individuals choose to change the outside of their homes a little less frequently than the interior, you want exterior colors that will endure over time. There are a few factors you need to take into account when selecting a color scheme for your home in addition to your personal taste and current trends. You shouldn’t necessarily want to be the loudest house on the block, so make sure whatever you choose goes in nicely with the other homes and the natural surroundings. It’s a good idea to check to make sure you aren’t breaking any restrictions by selecting a new color because many places have rules about paint colors that must be adhered to.


The color green is usually a great option for the exterior of a home since it adds a splash of color without being overly garish. Although deep hues of hunter green are frequently used throughout the year, we think adopting a lighter shade as an all-over exterior paint would be a new springtime twist. Basil by Sherwin-Williams is a good choice if you want to stay on the darker side; October Mist by Benjamin Moore is great if you want something gentler.


The color yellow instantly conveys a feeling of sunshine and happiness, making it kind of the ideal spring color. We enjoy a soft buttery yellow shade for the exterior of homes, even though we frequently see shades of yellow used inside.

It’s an eye-catching aesthetic that isn’t overpowering when paired with simple, crisp white accents and trim. Soft yellow has the advantage of accentuating brighter hues effectively; imagine how adorable it would look next to a front door painted in a brilliant pink or blue! As a color for the outside, we adore Benjamin Moore’s Pale Moon.


When selecting your bright spring colors for the interior of your home, keep in mind how each space is used. Something bolder and more dramatic to inject some energy into the area would be appropriate for a location that is intended for entertaining.

Or, for spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and even family areas where you truly want want to relax, try for softer, more calming tones. There is a tone of potential for creativity; once you’ve decided on the hues for your walls, you may enjoy selecting additional features to emphasize with accent hues.

Against a pink interior wall, a little white table

As traditional as spring fashion gets, BLUSH PINK Blush! The pastel Easter tones are there in this gentle shade of pink, but it is a little more refined and soft.

The wonderful thing about blush pink is that it comes in a variety of hues, from an almost white tone with only a trace of pink to a pure rosy light pink that stops short of being overly vibrant. While maintaining quiet and serenity in your room, this warm, calming color also brings a sense of cosines and uplifting energy.

Any color may be used as an accent. For a more subdued appearance, keep everything balanced with neutral colors like soft white, light grey, or beige. Sage green, gentle blue, or a darker shade of grey are bolder choices for a companion. For color ideas, go no farther than Sherwin-Williams Cosmetic Blush.


Your thoughts are considered by us. For spring, grey? Absolutely! Gray walls may actually sing spring if you style them properly. Here, the accent colors really make a difference.

The other more colorful aspects of your space will really stand out when you choose a light shade of grey as your wall color instead of the standard white.

This is a terrific option if a room has a cool dramatic feature you want to accentuate, such a wall with a big window, a fireplace, or even a piece of art. Soft grey makes the ideal background for playing with color, whether it’s bright, sunny yellows, vibrant turquoise, or bright fuchsia pink to bring in those lovely springtime aspects.

Try Sherwin-Williams’ Alpaca for a more greige-like appearance or Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter for a real soft grey.

In the event that you’re thinking about providing your house a new look for spring, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING is here to assist. Our teams of qualified painters will quickly alter your house, inside or exterior, no matter what.

You may leave everything up to us and return home to a brand-new space at the end of the day. We’ll take care of all the prep work and even assist you in selecting the ideal colours. Now is the time to schedule your free consultation!

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