7 Most Spoken Languages in the World

Most Spoken Languages in the World
Most Spoken Languages in the World

People have a lot of assumptions and speculations when it comes to the most spoken languages of the world. They often prefer assuming on their own rather than having a quick internet search. The answer to this question could be complex and tough. People’s assumptions have nothing to do with the languages that are widely spoken. Many languages are spoken in more than one country and several of these have their native speakers expanded to different regions.

Language learning has emerged as a widespread practice in recent times. A lot of people learn a new language because it is their hobby and they find it challenging. However, many people have to learn new languages to explore better opportunities in their careers and in education. Anyhow, here are the top seven languages which are popular and people speak widely all over the world. 

Here is a list of the most spoken languages in the world.


English tops our list of most spoken languages in the world. This is one of the most spoken languages and is also called a language of business and the internet. It is a universal language and facts tell that it is mostly because of the global impact that England and the United States had during the last three centuries. Interestingly, English is not the first or native language of most of the speakers but it is the one that most people sought to learn as a second language for whatsoever reason. English is considered the lingua franca of the current century.

2)Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin has the world’s most native speakers. This language has its speakers in billions and it is also quite popular among evident language learners. This is also popular due to the fact of China’s greatest economic development. The Chinese market has taken over the world’s biggest markets and Chinese products are there in every country. Also, this country has emerged as the biggest technology developer lately. More than 1100 million people speak the Chinese language and its variants.


Germany is one of the important and biggest economies in Europe. A hub of automobiles and the world’s most expensive automobiles, Germany is home to the world’s finest products. These facts make it inevitable to learn this language. It is one of the most spoken languages in Europe and people learn it to strive in Germany and the surrounding. It is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and multiple regions of central Europe. More than 135 million people speak this language as their native or second language. This is why German translation services are getting popular and every other business intends to hire these to tap the German market.


Italian is another most spoken language. It is very popular globally due to the rich culture and tourism potential that the country has to offer.  Italy is home to multiple diverse cultures. A lot of foreigners stay in Italy as students, residents, and immigrants. This is what also makes them learn the language. Language learners find it a good language to study and learn. Several students learn the language and chip into Italian translation services to make money and also for the experience. Interestingly it is not an easy language and not essential for businesses too even though people are fond of learning this language. Around 86 million people speak this language globally.


The Spanish language originally belongs to Spain. It is the official language of Spain and one or more variants of this language are spoken in the 19 countries of America, and Africa. The Spanish immigrants have taken this language to many countries and this is a whole new language in those regions due to the mixture of dialects and accents. Interestingly the United States have Spanish speakers more than they have in Spain itself. Spanish is also a popular language to learn for language learners. Trying hands in Spanish can open a gateway of opportunities all over the world. This is the world’s most studied language and has 512 million speakers.


The French language has a rich historical background. This was the language of arts and culture for years. Also, it goes beyond being a language. It represents a whole culture. The francophones are spread all over the world not less than 29 countries globally. Around 285 million people speak this language and its multiple variants. Canadian French is one of the most popular variants, that people of Canada speak. All variants differ from each other and the original language is spoken in France on the ground of dialects and accents.


Bulgarian comes from the eastern south Slavic language family. It is primarily spoken in Bulgaria and southeastern Europe. This language belongs to Bulgarians. Around 85% of people in Bulgaria speak this language as their native language. The Bulgarian dialect interestingly falls into two groups. These are eastern Bulgarian and western Bulgarian. Bulgarian is a different language that is also difficult to use. Therefore, the experts advise entrepreneurs to always hire native speakers for Bulgarian translation services.

Final words

The languages that are popular globally and people speak mostly are different than our assumptions. A lot of people think that the language they speak is popular however, this is not the case. English, Chinese, German Italian, and a lot more languages top the chart for most spoken languages globally.

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