Multifocal Pigmentation: How Darkly Pigmented Gums Can Limit Self-Confidence

Multifocal Pigmentation

My gums are very dark, so I think people assume that my oral health isn’t as good as it actually is—or could be. Multifocal pigmentation doesn’t necessarily indicate poor oral hygiene, but it can have an impact on the self-confidence of those who don’t realize this is the case. Here are three ways that darkly pigmented gums limit your ability to maintain a bright, white smile….

An Introduction To Multifocal Pigmentation:

This is a blog post about multifocal pigmentation in the gums and oral mucus membranes, which are not a health threat. However, many people feel that darkly pigmented gums limit the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile. Some dentists recommend teeth whitening as an option for patients with dark gum tissue and oral mucus membranes. Teeth whitening can help you regain your confidence! Teeth whitening has been around for decades and it’s considered safe because it is noninvasive, using peroxide or lasers to lighten the tooth enamel. Plus, teeth whitening products are available over the counter without a prescription or dental visit.

Know Your Risk Factors:

One of the most common risk factors for gum disease is lack of oral hygiene, and while darkly pigmented gums are often seen as a risk factor, they are actually not. Multifocal pigmentation in the mouth is not a health threat, but it can cause anxiety for those who feel that their appearance limits the self-confidence afforded by a bright white smile. The good news is that there are solutions like Dazzling WhiteTM toothpaste which uses an advanced polishing system to remove stains and whiten teeth in one easy step. Dazzling WhiteTM also offers Dazzling WhiteTM toothbrushes that have been proven to work 6x better than other brushes at removing plaque from hard-to-reach places.

Know Your Symptoms:

Pigmentation is the darkening of skin and other tissues in response to an excess of melanin. It occurs naturally in some areas, like the gums and oral mucus membranes, but can also be due to injury or illness. It is not known why multicolored pigments form on the gums and oral mucus membranes, but it is not a cause for concern. However, people who have darkly pigmented gums can experience self-confidence issues as a result. They may feel that their teeth are more noticeable and that their smile appears less bright with darker gum tissue. For this reason, many people choose bleaching treatments to lighten these areas.

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Seek Treatment Before It Becomes An Issue:

It may be a good idea to see a dentist if you are concerned about the discoloration of your gums. However, there are many factors that can contribute to this, so it is best to get it checked out. If you don’t want to visit the dentist, then there are some things that you can do at home that might help lighten up your gums. 1) Exfoliate with baking soda and water or hydrogen peroxide; 2) Use whitening toothpaste; 3) Brush with an electric toothbrush; 4) Drink lots of water and avoid smoking and coffee; 5) Take vitamin C supplements

Consider Laser Treatment Before Tooth Whitening:

White teeth are often a sign of health and beauty. But for many people with darkly pigmented gums, white teeth can be impossible to achieve. Laser tooth whitening is an option for these individuals because it penetrates deep below the gum line to lighten teeth from the inside out. *The benefits of laser tooth whitening include whiter teeth in one visit, increased confidence, and less sensitivity in the gums.

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