LVDUN Windows & Doors China

LVDUN Windows & Doors China is a popular and reputed brand that provides a number of products in a variety of categories. It has earned a reputation for providing high quality products that are designed for both the home and business. This brand is also known for having strong origins and trustworthiness.


LVDun Windows & Doors China, aka LVDun, is a slick company with a well honed manufacturing and marketing strategy that has been successful from day one. They’re currently based in High Wycombe, UK, but their operations are scattered across the globe. They’re not limited to the UK though, as they’ve recently opened up a production facility in Florida. LVDun is one of the largest manufacturers of windows and doors in the world, and they are able to deliver an excellent product at a price you can afford. They’ve also been awarded ISO 9001 and ASTM certifications, ensuring your business will be in good hands.

Product advantages

LVDUN Windows & Doors China is a well-known and famous brand in the uPVC window and door industry. It has a large number of marketing and service networks in China. Moreover, it has won the China’s Top Ten Windows and Doors Emerging Enterprise Award. It has also sold its products to Europe, America, and Africa. Consumers praise the quality of its products and services, highlighting its advantages in the industry.

In addition, the uPVC windows made by LVDUN Windows are environmentally friendly. They are made of PVC plastic profile and have good heat insulation, corrosion resistance, and good air tightness. In addition, it is maintenance-free. These features are especially important for uPVC window users.

Another product advantage is the ability to adapt to different climates. The uPVC windows made by LVDUN are suitable for different areas, such as the urban area, the rural area, the cold area, the hot area, and the mountain area. The company’s products can withstand different climates, and the windows are durable. It is therefore ideal for residential buildings and public buildings.

The frame plays an important role in reducing energy loss. The energy loss depends on the material of the frame and the surface area of the frame. In general, energy loss is reduced by 10-15%. Moreover, the company is devoted to product development and service excellence, and constantly works to improve the competitiveness of the industry.

Trustworthy brands

LVDUN Windows & Doors China is a first-class comprehensive high-end windows and doors service provider in China. As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, it has been recognized by industry authorities, and sold to many countries.

It is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum alloy doors. It has passed international standards and is certified by the United States WHI and the European Union CE. It offers a wide range of security doors. It has more than 60 national patents. It has won the title of “Top Ten Aluminum Windows Manufacturer in China”.

Lvdun Zhongtian has been around for over ten years, and has established a strong brand image in the industry. It has a huge marketing network in China. It is a company that focuses on product development and quality services. It is also the first windows and doors company in the industry to promote a “lifetime warranty” for its products.

LVDUN Windows & Doors China has more than 70 distribution chain stores in China’s high-end building materials city, and its service network covers China, Europe, Africa, and the United States. It has been awarded “China’s Top Ten Windows and Doors Emerging Enterprise” and “China’s Top Ten Windows and Doors Trustworthy Brands”.

Phonpa is a specialized aluminum windows and doors manufacturer. It offers high-end aluminum alloy windows and doors, including sliding doors, casement doors, folding doors, hanging doors, and aluminum metal clad windows. It also offers green material certification. Phonpa’s doors are well-known in the domestic market for their sturdy construction, attractive designs, and reliability.

Mexin is one of the largest door manufacturers in China, and it specializes in security doors. It has a provincial technology center and a modern standard factory building. It has a production capacity of almost 250 acres, and its products have been certified by US WHI and the European Union CE. It also has an international door industry exhibition hall. Mexin is known for its high-quality products, and its products are widely appreciated by consumers.

Mexin has won the “Chongqing Export Trade Brand Enterprise” and “Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone High-end Windows and Doors Manufacturer”. It has passed the BS certification from the United Kingdom, and its products are CE certified by the European Union.

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