Is Sol Badguy a bad guy

In Captain America: The First Avenger, we saw how Steve Rogers’ own heroism led him to become a founding member of SHIELD. But before that, there were two other heroes who had their own struggles in their careers.

One of them was Sam Wilson/Captain Marvel. He fought alongside Nick Fury and Peggy Carter during World War II. During the war, Sam was captured by the Nazis and tortured in a POW camp.

While undergoing torture, he somehow gained super-powers, including the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts from his hands, and even grow claws.

Sam eventually escaped and joined up with SHIELD. Eventually, Sam became known as sol badguy Captain Marve. Then when WWII ended, he went back home to civilian life and continued being an active superhero.

But while Sam was busy fighting supervillains, another hero named Bucky Barnes was struggling to make it as a pilot for the US Army Air Corps. After graduating high school, Bucky got into college, where he studied aeronautical engineering.

How Is Sol Badguy So Old?

In the world of cartoons, many characters have been around for decades. For example, Mickey Mouse was created in 1928, while Donald Duck first appeared in 1930. Even more impressive, however, is how long some cartoon characters have remained popular.

One character that has stood the test of time is the evil villain known as “SOL.” He has been appearing in various animated series since 1948.

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