Gwadar water port reels under water shortages

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I waited here for a long time. Sometimes he would wave at tankers. but few would stop. Most of the time I came home with nothing. Just two or three jerry cans can meet the Akbar family’s daily water needs. Gwadar is facing severe water shortage. and local people are struggling with Gwadar  water scarcity.

Infrastructure of the dams

Gwadar ignites the spark of science and research. The people of Gwadar fetched water from three dams in the surrounding areas. a difficult task due to the poor supply infrastructure of the dams. namely Akar Kaur Dam, Mirani Dam and Sawad Dam. Sadly all three reservoirs have already dried up. due to prolonged drought in recent years. As Gwadar water scarcity worsened in the coastal city. locals also had to contend with the rising cost of water supplied by private tankers. “Most tanker truck owners sell their water. but we don’t have money to buy it.

Ambitious development

We will not let Gwadar become another Dera Bugti: Bhutanese. The price will increase further if the government stops Gwadar water supply. Wasim Baloch, a local told Xinhua. Now, people are paying 5,000 to 7,000 rupees (about $50 to $70) for about 2,300 gallons of Gwadar water. about 10 days’ worth consumed by a family of six. Bloch said. The people of Gwadar cannot marginalized under ambitious development Meanwhile. a fifth of Gwadar’s population of 138,000 hospitalized last year. due to consumption of sewage by private tanker truck owners. according to a report.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

The Health Department of the Baluchistan Health Ministry. But the water situation in Gwadar is improving. as China Overseas Ports Holding Company (COPHC). the operator of Gwadar port under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). built and inaugurated a new desalination plant for seawater. COPHC signed an agreement with the Baluchistan government. May to provide 300,000 gallons per day of potable salinity seawater at cost price. and the government will distribute water through. Its pipelines to households in Gwadar for free. About 4,000 households in Gwadar can benefit from this project. Caretaker Prime Minister Mulk realized the plight of Gwadar.

The purification plant

The pipelines have been laid and water will be supplied through them. Some areas do not have pipelines. so we are taking our tankers there. Will continue to send. said. Xishan who is in charge of water distribution at a Chinese company. “I am very happy. The water plant installed by the Chinese company is very helpful for us. We are very thankful to them. said Akbar
“If we continue the Gwadar water supply. and treatment projects in Gwadar. the water crisis will solved soon said Babar Fiyaz. A university student from Gwadar. excited at the start of water supply from the purification plant.

Stories of Emerald Water of Gwadar

Once a small fishing village. Gwadar is witnessing a wave of development projects. especially after the launch of CPEC a few years ago. Since then, the deep-water port has been developing. its new identity and has become fully operational since late 2016. Its first phase free zone and trade hub built earlier this year. and it adopted its first ship in March. Now even the people of remote. Gwadar can enjoy fast 4G mobile connection to communicate. with the rest of the world.

CPEC is transforming

Local builder and real estate entrepreneur Gul Zameer Shah rated Gwadar as a jewel in CPEC’s crown, saying. “CPEC is transforming this arid coastal region into an international port city. by speedily completing development projects.” “If we want Gwadar to be a success story. water issues must resolved. Shah said, urging the local state and central governments. to take early decisions on steps to deal with the drought. taken so that sea water can conserved to support the city. 

Need water

Despite its rising status. Gwadar is struggling with water scarcity.
He demanded the state government to adopt an alternative plan to ensure water supply to the people of Gwadar. After discussing the alarming situation. the Chief Secretary immediately directed. The concerned departments to ensure water supply to the local residents. using a fleet of tankers from Baler. and Shadi Kaur Dam near Pasni. Saifullah Chatha specifically instructed the concerned officials in this regard to ensure reliable water supply. to meet the shortage of water due to lack of rainfall and lack of Gwadar water resources from dams.

Water shortages

It concerned departments should coordinate their efforts and direct their efforts. is.” In the past, the government used a large Pakistan Navy ship to bring water. from Karachi to deal with water shortages in and around Gwadar. Apart from this water supply arranged from Mirani Dam. Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Dostin Jamaldini was also present in the meeting. who informed the participants about the Gwadar Port Development Programmed. “CPEC can change the rules of the game. This will help stabilize the country’s economy. and ensure the prosperity of the people of this country. especially Baluchistan.”

Water Purification Plant

CDWP gave green flag to Gwadar Water Purification Plant. He said the pace of economic development. It has already started in Gwadar. where there are bright prospects of investment. that will secure jobs for local workers. Jamaldini said that Gwadar sea port is a jewel in the crown of CPEC. which opens new avenues for the development of Gwadar. and the entire province of Baluchistan.
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