“Gayniggers from Outer Space”: A Space Movie that Came Out in 1992


“Gayniggers from Outer Space” is a 1992 short film written and directed by Danish filmmaker and artist Morten Lind.

In “Gayniggers from Outer Space,” Danish filmmakers Morten Lindberg and Per Kristensen take on the issue of racism with a satirical short film. The story follows a group of aliens who land on Earth and are mistaken for gay people. Despite their best efforts to hide their true identities, the aliens are constantly teased and marginalized by the human population. Eventually, they decide to fight back and, in the process, learn a lot about themselves and human nature.



How the Film was Made

Morten Lind, the Danish filmmaker and artist behind Gayniggers from Outer Space has been working on the short film for over two years. “I was always interested in science fiction and alternative universes, and I thought it would be cool to make a sci-fi film about gay people,” he says.

The film is set in an unspecified future where homosexuality is no longer considered abnormal or shameful. The main characters are three gay men who travel to Earth to meet other gay people of their kind. They are shocked by how society has changed and how many people still view homosexuality as something unnatural and wrong.

But despite their difficulties, the three friends find love and friendship in each other. “I wanted to show how strong friendships can be even when things are tough,” Lind says. “I think this is something that all LGBTQ+ people know too well – we face discrimination every day but never give up on each other.”

The film stars Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Hans, Michael Mosegaard as Jens, and Nicolai Clemmensen as Benny. It was shot over five days in 2015 in Copenhagen using a small budget of just under $5,000. But Lind is not worried about its limited financial resources: “It matters how much money you have if you don’t have good ideas or talented people.

What it is About

“Gayniggers from Outer Space” is a short film written and directed by Danish filmmaker and artist Morten Lind. The film tells the story of two gay aliens who land on Earth, hoping to find acceptance and love. However, their arrival only meets with discrimination and hostility from the human population. Ultimately, the gay aliens are forced to flee Earth to find a place where they can be themselves without fear of persecution.

The short film is based on a true story that Lind experienced when he came out as gay in his early 20s. In an interview with Attitude magazine, Lind said that the experience was “traumatic” and “humiliating.” Despite this, he remains proud of the film because it’s “an attempt at humor and positive representation.”

“Gayniggers from Outer Space” is an important step forward for LGBT rights. It positively portrays LGBT characters, which can help break down societal barriers.

The Reaction to the Film

The reaction to “Gayniggers from Outer Space” has been overwhelmingly positive. The film has screened at numerous festivals and garnered rave reviews from critics. “Variety” called it “an audacious and hilarious satire on the alien invasion genre,” and “CraveOnline” called it a “wild and hilarious blast of sci-fi comedy.”

One of the film’s primary goals was to create a more inclusive representation of LGBTQ+ characters in cinema. While many films featuring queer characters are focused on issues about sexuality or mental health, “Gayniggers” is unabashedly silly and fun. This approach has been well-received by both LGBTQ+ viewers and those not traditionally invested in queer cinema.

Lind credits his own experiences as an out gay man for inspiring much of the humor in the film. He says he wanted to create a world where queer people were just like everyone else – funny, goofy, and energetic. In Lind’s words, “I wanted to show that we’re just as normal as anyone else.”


Morten Lind’s “Gayniggers from Outer Space” is a short film that boldly tackles the taboo subject of gay aliens. The film follows a group of gay aliens arriving on Earth, searching for love and acceptance. However, the humans they meet are unprepared to handle their sexuality and soon find themselves in dangerous situations.

Lind’s cleverly written and directed short film is sure to make viewers rethink their preconceptions about gay aliens. The film is an entertaining and thought-provoking watch that will leave you questioning what society considers normal.

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