5g Not Working on My Phone? How to Fix it

5g not working

With advancements in technology, mobile network technology has also been boosting its level gradually with time. So, today is the world of the 5G mobile network. It is the fifth generation of the mobile network which provides more speed, uninterrupted communication, and a high-quality network. But after all of this high-quality speed and network, people are still facing troubles that their 5G not working. People are asking questions: why does my 5G not work? Without getting panicked you can solve this problem by reading this blog. We have figured out some solutions that you can apply and boom, use your 5G network again.

Solutions to Fix Your 5G Network is Not Working

Airplane Mode

Put your phone on airplane mode for a few minutes and turn it back off. Doing this will cut the connection for a few minutes, and when your device tries to catch the network again. It will work properly.

5G Coverage

Make sure that the area you are living in has a 5G network connection. If your area does not have 5G connection coverage then it will not work because your device is not able to connect itself to the 5G range.

Restart Your Device

Restart your device because it will give a new start to your device’s system and network settings.

5G Plan

If you are living where it has 5G network coverage but still you are facing issues then confirm with your carrier whether your mobile network plan includes 5G or not.

Update Your Device

Update the operating system of your device because the latest updated version of the operating system will give every bug. From time to time you need to update your device’s OS. The reason is that it comes with new software that will help the device fix bugs and give a new start to your device’s operating system.

Turn Off or On 5G Settings

Check your device connection settings if it is on then turn it off and then you will be able to have an older connectivity network type like LTE. At least by doing this your device can have a working network type.

Respect the Sim Card

Follow the below instructions if 5G not working: –

  • Turn off your phone
    Now, remove the Sim card
    Without putting back the sim card, turn your phone on
    After turning on the phone, open the settings
    Select all apps option and look for Sim Toolkit
    Tab on it and then go to its storage and clear the cache
    The last step, switch off the phone again, put back the sim card, and now switch on your device

Your Device is Not 5G

If after trying all the above solutions and still on your device the 5G network is not showing up then the mobile you are using is not connected or capable of a 5G network. If your mobile shows and runs on a 4G network, it does not mean that it will run with a 5G network type also.

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